Adaptive Image Processing Algorithms for Printing (Signals and Communication Technology)

Ilia V. Safonov, Ilya V. Kurilin, Michael N. Rychagov, Ekaterina V. Tolstaya


This book presents essential algorithms for the image processing pipeline of photo-printers and accompanying software tools, offering an exposition of multiple image enhancement algorithms, smart aspect-ratio changing techniques for borderless printing and approaches for non-standard printing modes. All the techniques described are content-adaptive and operate in an automatic mode thanks to machine learning reasoning or ingenious heuristics. The first part includes algorithms, for example, red-eye correction and compression artefacts reduction, that can be applied in any photo processing application, while the second part focuses specifically on printing devices, e.g. eco-friendly and anaglyph printing. The majority of the techniques presented have a low computational complexity because they were initially designed for integration in system-on-chip. The book reflects the authors’ practical experience in algorithm development for industrial R&D.