Reliability of RoHS-Compliant 2D and 3D IC Interconnects (Hardcover)

John Lau



Proven 2D and 3D IC lead-free interconnect reliability techniques

Reliability of RoHS-Compliant 2D and 3D IC Interconnects offers tested solutions to reliability problems in lead-free interconnects for PCB assembly, conventional IC packaging, 3D IC packaging, and 3D IC integration. This authoritative guide presents the latest cutting-edge reliability methods and data for electronic manufacturing services (EMS) on second-level interconnects, packaging assembly on first-level interconnects, and 3D IC integration on microbumps and through-silicon-via (TSV) interposers. Design reliable 2D and 3D IC interconnects in RoHS-compliant projects using the detailed information in this practical resource.

Covers reliability of:

  • 2D and 3D IC lead-free interconnects
  • CCGA, PBGA, WLP, PQFP, flip-chip, lead-free SAC solder joints
  • Lead-free (SACX) solder joints
  • Low-temperature lead-free (SnBiAg) solder joints
  • Solder joints with voids, high strain rate, and high ramp rate
  • VCSEL and LED lead-free interconnects
  • 3D LED and 3D MEMS with TSVs
  • Chip-to-wafer (C2W) bonding and lead-free interconnects
  • Wafer-to-wafer (W2W) bonding and lead-free interconnects
  • 3D IC chip stacking with low-temperature bonding
  • TSV interposers and lead-free interconnects
  • Electromigration of lead-free microbumps for 3D IC integration


證實的2D和3D IC無鉛互連可靠性技術

RoHS符合的2D和3D IC互連可靠性探討了PCB組裝、傳統IC封裝、3D IC封裝和3D IC整合中無鉛互連的可靠性問題,並提供了經過測試的解決方案。這本權威指南介紹了最新的電子製造服務(EMS)中二級互連、一級互連封裝組裝以及微球和矽通孔(TSV)互連器的最新可靠性方法和數據。使用本實用資源中的詳細信息,在符合RoHS的項目中設計可靠的2D和3D IC互連。

- 2D和3D IC無鉛互連
- 無鉛(SACX)焊點
- 低溫無鉛(SnBiAg)焊點
- 具有空隙、高應變速率和高斜率的焊點
- 芯片對晶片(C2W)鍵合和無鉛互連
- 晶片對晶片(W2W)鍵合和無鉛互連
- 具有低溫鍵合的3D IC芯片堆疊
- TSV互連器和無鉛互連
- 用於3D IC整合的無鉛微球的電遷移