The Membership Economy: Find Your Super Users, Master the Forever Transaction, and Build Recurring Revenue

Robbie Kellman Baxter


In today’s business world, it takes more than a website to stay competitive. The smartest, most successful companies are using radically new membership models, subscription-based formats, and freemium pricing structures to grow their customer base―and explode their market valuation―in the most disruptive shift in business since the Industrial Revolution.

This is The Membership Economy.

Written by an expertconsultant, this groundbreaking book will show you how to turn ordinary customers into members for life. Learn how to:

  • Turn digital subscriptions into forever sales
  • Build an online community your customers will love
  • Develop new loyalty programs that really pay off
  • Transform freemium users into superusers
  • Create a self-generating revenue stream
  • Keep memberships and profits growing for years to come

Whether you’re a small business with limited resources, an established company using a traditional business model, or a hungry start-up who wants a bigger bang for your buck, this comprehensive guide provides a wealth of membership-building options to suit every need.

You’ll learn the best-kept secrets of top industry leaders, from global giants like Am Ex and Weight Watchers to smaller dot-com successes like SurveyMonkey and Pandora. You’ll find proven strategies for creating membership programs for everything from vacation timeshares and car rentals to video streaming and Software-as-a-Service.

Most importantly, you’ll discover what works, and what doesn’t, from some of the key players in the new membership economy. It’s not about ownership; it’s about access, options, and freedom.

When you join forces with your customers, membership has its rewards―for you, your company, and your continued success.




- 將數字訂閱轉化為永久銷售
- 建立一個您的客戶會喜愛的線上社區
- 開發真正有回報的新忠誠計劃
- 將免費增值用戶轉化為超級用戶
- 創建一個自我生成的收入流
- 使會員和利潤持續增長多年


您將學到來自全球巨頭如美國運通和減重公司 Weight Watchers,以及像 SurveyMonkey 和 Pandora 這樣的小型互聯網成功案例的頂級行業領導者的最佳保密秘訣。您將找到為度假共有權和汽車租賃到視頻流媒體和軟件即服務等各種領域創建會員計劃的成熟策略。