How to Do Everything With Digital Video

Frederic M. Jones, Frederic H. Jones, Jeffrey Wilson



Discover the boundless world of digital video. Beginning with the essential task of steadying your camera, this exceptional resource provides a solid foundation for understanding shooting techniques, editing, sound and visual effects, and transferring your finished video to other media--including the Internet and CD-ROM. Get helpful tips on shooting a variety of subjects including people, sporting events, landscapes, architecture--and even interviews. Perform professional editing, use hardware, manage your project efficiently, and produce high-quality video. How To Do Everything with Digital Video will teach you to get the most from your equipment, your subjects, and your own font of ideas.

  • Select the best digital camcorder for your needs
  • Connect your camcorder to external equipment and computers
  • Plan your shots with editing in mind
  • Design lighting to create mood, depth, and other effects
  • Perform frame-accurate, repeatable edits with timecodes
  • Capture, process, and synchronize sound
  • Enhance your video project with titles and animation
  • Store data electronically, or transfer back to tape
  • Create video projects such as family histories, marketing or how-to pieces, and more
  • Integrate digital video with CD-ROM, Internet, and other media


  I: Digital Video Cameras and Camcorders
    1: Learn the Basics of Video Cameras
    2: Operate Your Digital Camcorder
    3: Get the Best Lighting
    4: Record Quality Sound for Your Projects
    5: Plan Your Digital Video Projects First
  II: Edit Your Footage and Add Special Effects
    6: Select and Use Digital Video Capture Hardware
    7: Transfer Your Video Clips and Edit Them
    8: Trim Your Video Clips
    9: Insert Clips into the Timeline
    10: Synchronize Your Video with Sound
    11: Create Titles and Animation
    12: Add the Finishing Touches to Your Video
  III: Take Your Edited Video on to Other Sources
    13: Transfer Your Finished Video Back to Tape
    14: Make CD-ROMs with Your Video
    15: Use Your Video on the Internet
  IV: Create Practical Digital Video Projects
    16: Film a Video Inventory
    17: Make a Video Family History
    18: Create a Marketing Video for Your Organization
    19: Making a ¿How-to¿ Video
  V: Use Analog Video in your Digital Projects
    20: Recycle Your Analog Camcorders to Create Digital Video
Ch 21: Select and Install Analog Video Capture Hardware
    22: Use Analog Video in Your Digital Project
    23: Use Footage from an Internet Camera in Your Digital Video



- 選擇最適合你需求的數位攝影機
- 將攝影機連接到外部設備和電腦
- 計劃拍攝時考慮編輯
- 設計燈光以營造氛圍、深度和其他效果
- 使用時間碼進行精確、可重複的編輯
- 捕捉、處理和同步音效
- 通過標題和動畫增強你的影片項目
- 電子存儲數據,或將其轉回磁帶
- 創建家庭歷史、市場營銷或教學等影片項目
- 將數位影片與CD-ROM、互聯網和其他媒體整合

I: 數位攝影機和攝影機
1: 學習攝影機的基礎知識
2: 操作你的數位攝影機
3: 獲得最佳照明
4: 為你的項目錄製高品質音效
5: 首先計劃你的數位影片項目
II: 編輯你的片段並添加特效
6: 選擇和使用數位影片捕捉硬體
7: 傳輸和編輯你的影片片段
8: 裁剪你的影片片段
9: 將片段插入時間軸
10: 將你的影片與音效同步
11: 創建標題和動畫
12: 為你的影片添加最後的修飾
III: 將你的編輯好的影片轉移到其他媒體
13: 將你完成的影片轉回磁帶
14: 使用你的影片製作CD-ROM
15: 在互聯網上使用你的影片
IV: 創建實用的數位影片項目
16: 拍攝影片庫存
17: 製作家庭歷史影片
18: 為你的組織製作市場營銷影片
19: 製作教學影片
V: 在你的數位項目中使用類比影片
20: 重新利用你的類比攝影機製作數位影片
21: 選擇和安裝類比影片捕捉硬體
22: 在你的數位項目中使用類比影片
23: 在你的數位影片中使用來自互聯網攝影機的片段