Java Servlets Developer's Guide

Karl Moss




Engineer Your Way to Excellence

Master the mechanism that has made many Web applications possible. Java servlets enable Web developers to access existing business systems by extending the functionality of Web servers. Inside, youll about all aspects of server development, including hosting, configuration, wireless, security, and more--plus, plenty of detailed, fully explained examples insure your complete understanding. Exploit the server- and platform-independence of Java servlets to develop a best-of-breed strategy for your servers, platforms, and tools. Java Servlets Developers Guide is an indispensable resource for developers who want to maximize the power of Java on a Web server.

  • Maximize the capabilities of Java servlets using advanced development strategies
  • Identify clients and track session information with cookies and URL rewriting
  • Understand the flow of HTTP requests through Tomcat architecture
  • Authenticate users and implement cutting-edge security measures
  • Utilize filters for image conversion, data compression, auditing, triggering resource-access events, and more
  • Generate WML for wireless devices
  • Interface with databases and Java servers using JDBC
  • Use XSLT to transform XML to HTML or WML
  • Explore all of the innovations enabled through servlets, including Native Code
  • Communicate with servlets from a variety of clients, including applets and J2ME


    1: Servlet Architecture and Environment
    2: Servlet Development
    3: Session Management
    4: Security
    5: Web Applications
    6: Filters
    7: Application Event Listeners
    8: HTML Forms
    9: Using JDBC in Servlets
    10: Applet-to-Servlet Communication
    11: Automating Applet-to-Servlet Programming
    12: J2ME-to-Servlet Communication
    13: Generating WML for Wireless Devices
    14: Sending E-Mail from Servlets
    15: Using Servlets and Native Code
    16: Performance Tips and Tricks

    A: The Servlet AP
    B: The Web Application Deployment Descriptor
    C: Online Servlet Resources

    Appendix 1: The Servlet API
    Appendix 2: The Web Application Deployment Descriptor
    Appendix 3: On-line Servlet Resources