MPLS and Label Switching Networks, 2/e

Uyless N. Black

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  • 出版日期: 2002-04-19
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  • ISBN-13: 9780130358196
  • 相關分類: 通訊系統 Communication-systems
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The authoritative, practical introduction to the final MPLS standard!

  • Fully updated to cover the final, official MPLS standard
  • Presents detailed enterprise and service provider example scenarios
  • Includes up-to-the-minute coverage of QoS and MPLS-based VPNs
  • Introduces the new Generalized MPLS and RSVP-TE protocols

MPLS will be at the heart of tomorrow's flexible, manageable, and cost-effective networks. MPLS and Label Switching Networks, Second Edition is the authoritative resource you need to understand MPLS technologies-and implement them for competitive advantage. Renowned communications consultant Uyless Black illuminates the final MPLS standard through practical examples and detailed diagrams, offering start-to-finish guidance on using MPLS to maximize network reliability, utilization, and performance. Coverage includes:

  • Integrating MPLS into ATM and Frame Relay networks-and both IPv4 and IPv6 environments
  • Traffic engineering-including RSVP-TE and CR-LDP
  • Building more resilient service provider and ISP backbones
  • Configuring MPLS-based networks for rapid service restoration
  • Deploying and securing MPLS-based VPNs
  • GMPLS for optical networks: accelerating service deployment and improving operational efficiency

Whether you're in an enterprise or service provider environment, MPLS and Label Switching Networks, Second Edition gives you insight and clarity for planning, deploying, and succeeding with MPLS technologies—starting today.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
2. Label Switching Basics.
3. Switching and Forwarding Operations.
4. MPLS Key Concepts.
5. Label Distribution Operations.
6. MPLS and ATM and Frame Relay Networks.
7. Traffic Engineering.
8. OSPF in MPLS Networks.
9. Constraint-Based Routing with CR-LDP.
10. MPLS, Optical Networks, and GMPLS.
11. VPNs with L2TP, BGP, OSPF, and MPLS.
12. MPLS and DiffServ.
Appendix A. Names, Addresses, Subnetting, Address Masks, and Prefixes.
Appendix B. CR-LDP and Traffic Engineering and QOS.



  • 全面更新以涵蓋最終、官方的MPLS標準

  • 提供詳細的企業和服務提供商範例情境

  • 包含最新的QoS和基於MPLS的VPN覆蓋範圍

  • 介紹新的通用MPLS和RSVP-TE協議

MPLS將成為未來靈活、可管理且具有成本效益的網路核心。《MPLS和標籤交換網路,第二版》是您理解MPLS技術並實施以獲得競爭優勢所需的權威資源。著名通訊顧問Uyless Black透過實際範例和詳細圖表闡明了最終的MPLS標準,提供了從頭到尾的指導,以利用MPLS來最大化網路的可靠性、利用率和性能。內容包括:

  • 將MPLS整合到ATM和Frame Relay網路中,以及IPv4和IPv6環境中

  • 流量工程,包括RSVP-TE和CR-LDP

  • 構建更具彈性的服務提供商和ISP骨幹網路

  • 配置基於MPLS的網路以實現快速服務恢復

  • 部署和保護基於MPLS的VPN

  • 光學網路的GMPLS:加速服務部署並提高運營效率




1. 簡介。

2. 標籤交換基礎知識。

3. 切換和轉發操作。

4. MPLS關鍵概念。

5. 標籤分發操作。

6. MPLS和ATM和Frame Relay網路。

7. 流量工程。

8. MPLS網路中的OSPF。

9. 基於CR-LDP的限制性路由。

10. MPLS、光學網路和GMPLS。


12. MPLS和DiffServ。

附錄A. 名稱、地址、子網劃分、地址遮罩和前綴。

附錄B. CR-LDP和流量工程和QoS。