SOAP: Cross Platform Internet Development Using XML (Paperback)

Scott Seely, Kent Sharkey

  • 出版商: Prentice Hall
  • 出版日期: 2001-08-17
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  • 售價: 6.0$840
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 416
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0130907634
  • ISBN-13: 9780130907639
  • 相關分類: SOAXML

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Leverage the power of SOAP on any platform, with any leading programming language!

  • Integrate your enterprise applications across the Web!
  • The platform-independent guide to SOAP
  • SOAP programming with C++, Perl, C#, Visual Basic, and Java
  • Build an industrial-strength SOAP system from scratch
  • CD-ROM: SOAP for Windows, Linux and Unix, plus extensive source code library!
Technical Reviewers:
Yves LaFon, Chair of the SOAP W3C Committee
John Montgomery, Lead SOAP Developer, Microsoft
Kent Sharkey, .NET Frameworks Technical Evangelist, Microsoft

SOAP is the universal "glue" that can integrate virtually any distributed system, helping enterprises streamline processes and communications across the Internet as never before. SOAP: Cross Platform Web Services Development Using XML is the practical, hands-on introduction to using SOAP on Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms, using any of five leading programming languages. Discover how SOAP leverages key Internet standards such as XML and HTTP to solve distributed computing problems that DCOM and CORBA can't! Coverage includes:

  • All the XML you need to get started with SOAP
  • SOAP's basic syntax: HTTP headers, SOAP payloads, error handling, data types, encoding structures, and more
  • Extending SOAP to support heterogeneous and legacy environments
  • SOAP programming with C++, C#, Perl, Visual Basic, and Java
  • Comparing today's leading SOAP servers

The last six chapters of this book present a start-to-finish SOAP case study application-from requirements and design through coding.

Whether you're constructing Internet applications, integrating existing applications within or between enterprises, or simply evaluating SOAP, this book contains the insights-and practical examples-you're looking for.


The accompanying CD-ROM contains complete SOAP implementations for Windows, Linux, and UNIX, plus all source code from the book.

Table of Contents



1. How We Got to SOAP.

The Abacus. Early Calculators. Programmable Machines. Electronic Computers. Distributed Computing. Summary. Bibliography.

2. XML Overview.

Uniform Resource Indentifiers. XML Basics. XML Schemas. XML Namespaces. XML Attributes. Summary.

3. The Soap Specification.

Things to Know. Rules for Encoding Types in XML. The SOAP Message Exchange Model. Structure of a SOAP Message. Using SOAP in HTTP. Using SOAP for RPC. Summary.

4. Building a Basic SOAP Client and Server.

SOAP Library Design. In Search of One Good Socket Library. SimpleSOAP Library. SOAPNetwork Library. A Simple SOAP Server. A Simple SOAP Client. Summary. Fun Things to Try.


5. Web Services Description Language.

WSDL Overview. Defining a Web Service. SOAP Binding. HTTP GET and POST Binding. MIME Binding. Summary.

6. Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration.

UDDI Basics. Where Does UDDI Fit In? UDDI Information Types. The Programmer's API. Summary.

7. Available SOAP Implementations.

Apache. IdooXoap. Iona. Microsoft. pocketSOAP. RogueWave. SOAP::Lite. White Mesa. Zope. Summary.


8. Auction System and Requirements.

Background. Executive Summary. Bidder Enrollment and Management. Item Enrollment and Management. The Bidding System. Reporting. Summary.

9. Auction System Design.

Bidder Enrollment and Management. Item Enrollment and Management. The Bidding System. Summary.

10. Bidder Enrollment.

The Java Environment. Setting Up the Java Enviroment. Securing Access to the Web Service. The VB Environment. Summary.

11. Category and Item Management.

General Implementation Rules. Category Management. Item Management. Summary.

12. The Bidding System.

Bidding Pages. Bidding Web Service. Summary.

13. Case Study Summary.

Client Management. Category Management. Item Management. Auction. Summary.