Computers, 12/e (IE)

Larry Long, Nancy Long

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  • 出版日期: 2004-01-12
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Covers all introductory IT concepts topics and is appropriate for a full semester course, with or without a lab component. This tenth edition is a technology update intended to bring Computers abreast with a rampaging technology. About six Internet years pass in one real-time year, the elapsed time since the last edition. The tenth edition retains the same familiar look and feel as the ninth edition. However, it contains hundreds of changes needed to ensure that Long continues to be the most current introductory IT book available.




Table of Contents:

Getting Started.
The Personal Computer. The Microsoft Windows Operating
System. Going Online. Popular Applications (Word Processing,
e-Mail, Browser).
1. The Technology Revolution.
The Information Society. Data and Information. Going Online.
Hardware and Software Essentials. Personal Computers to
Supercomputers. Computer System Capabilities. How Do We Use
IT Illustrated: The History of Computing.
2. Software.
The Operating System. Windows Concepts and Terminology.
Word Processing Software. Presentation Software. Spreadsheet
Software. Database Software.
3. Inside the Computer.
Going Digital. The PC System Unit. Describing the Processor.
Processor Design.
4. Storing and Retrieving Information.
Mass Storage and Files. Magnetic Disks. Backing Up Files.
Optical Laser Discs.
IT Illustrated: The Computer on a Chip.
5. Information Input and Output.
Input Devices. Output Devises. Terminals.
6. Networks and Networking.
Our Wired World. The Data Communications Channel. Data
Communications Hardware. Networks.
IT Illustrated: PC Buyers' Guide.
7. Going Online.
The Internet. Internet Browsers. Internet Resources and
8. Exploring the Cyberworld.
Internet Issues. E-Commerce. Creating a Web Site. Electronic
Publishing. Working at Home.
9. IT Ethics and Healthy Computing.
The Information Technology Paradox. The Workplace. Ethics in
Information Technology. Computer, Internet, and System
10. Personal Computing.
System Software for Your PC. Applications Software for Your
PC. Sharing Information Among Applications.
11. Information Systems.
Information and Decision Making. All about Information
Systems. The DP System and the MIS. Decision Support
Systems. Expert Systems. Intelligent Agents.
IT Illustrated: Careers in an Information Society.
12. Developing Business Information Systems.
The System Life Cycle. System Development Techniques and
Concepts. Computer-Aided Software Engineering. Prototyping.
System Conversion and Implementation. Programming.
IT Illustrated: Robots and Robotics.
13. Technology and Society.
The Wake-Up Call. Down the Information Highway. Our
Challenge for the Twenty-First Century.
Answers to Section Self-Checks.