How To Do Everything With Your Pocket PC, 2/e

Frank McPherson

  • 出版商: McGraw-Hill Education
  • 出版日期: 2002-01-31
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 608
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0072194146
  • ISBN-13: 9780072194142
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Get the most out of your Pocket PC and all its features and capabilities with this easy-to-follow resource. Youll learn to personalize your portable device to suit both your style and a wide range of needs from business to pleasure. Use your Pocket PC to manage a wealth of information--from scheduling appointments and maintaining contact lists to tracking investments. Connect to the Internet, share data with other handheld devices, play music, download games, send messages, and stay on top of your e-mail wherever you go. This handy guide will show you how to be more productive and fully utilize all the functionality your Pocket PC has to offer.

Inside, learn to:

  • Maximize all the features and productivity applications on your Windows-based PDA
  • Connect to the Internet--wirelessly--and browse your favorite Web sites
  • Create documents and crunch numbers using Pocket Word and Pocket Excel
  • Install and remove programs, and backup and restore data on your Pocket PC
  • Synchronize your Pocket PC with your desktop computer using the ActiveSync Partnership Wizard
  • Configure and monitor amount of space available to run programs and store files
  • View pictures, give presentations, and make calls
  • Customize Pocket PC settings and change the appearance to conform to your personal taste and needs
  • Use your Pocket PC to create databases and store and query data
  • Add peripherals to your Pocket PC to expand its functionality


   PART I: Getting Started
    1: Welcome to Windows for Pocket PCs
    2: Get Acquainted with Your Pocket PC
    3: Personalize Your Pocket PC
    4: Change Your Pocket PC System Settings
    5: Connect Your Pocket PC with Desktop Computers
    6: Synchronize Data with Desktop Computers
    7: Manage Your Pocket PC from Your Desktop

   PART II: Make the Most of Your Pocket PC
    8: Manage Appointments, Tasks, and Contacts
    9: Call a Friend from Your Pocket PC
    10: Create Documents with Pocket Word
    11: Crunch Numbers
    12: Manage Your Money
    13: Take Notes
    14: View Pictures and Presentations
    15: Store and Query Data
    16: Be Productive At Work
    17: Travel With Your Pocket PC
    18: Relax with Games, Music, Books, and Movies

   PART III: Go Online with Your Pocket PC
    19: Connect to the Internet with or without Wires
    20: Send and Receive E-Mail
    21: Send and Receive Instant Messages
    22: Browse the Web

   PART IV: Customize Your Pocket PC
    23: Expand Your Pocket PC with Software and Hardware



- 最大化您的基於Windows的PDA上的所有功能和生產力應用程式
- 連接到互聯網-無線地-並瀏覽您最喜歡的網站
- 使用Pocket Word和Pocket Excel創建文件和計算數字
- 安裝和刪除程式,並在口袋電腦上備份和還原數據
- 使用ActiveSync合作夥伴精靈將您的口袋電腦與桌面電腦同步
- 配置和監控運行程式和存儲文件的可用空間
- 查看圖片,進行演示和打電話
- 自定義口袋電腦設置並更改外觀以符合您的個人品味和需求
- 使用您的口袋電腦創建數據庫並存儲和查詢數據
- 添加外設以擴展您的口袋電腦功能

- 第一部分:入門
- 1:歡迎使用Windows for Pocket PCs
- 2:熟悉您的口袋電腦
- 3:個性化您的口袋電腦
- 4:更改您的口袋電腦系統設置
- 5:將您的口袋電腦連接到桌面電腦
- 6:與桌面電腦同步數據
- 7:從桌面電腦管理您的口袋電腦

- 第二部分:充分利用您的口袋電腦
- 8:管理約會,任務和聯繫人
- 9:從您的口袋電腦撥打電話給朋友
- 10:使用Pocket Word創建文件
- 11:計算數字
- 12:管理您的財務
- 13:記錄筆記
- 14:查看圖片和演示文稿
- 15:存儲和查詢數據
- 16:在工作中提高生產力
- 17:攜帶您的口袋電腦旅行
- 18:放鬆身心,享受遊戲,音樂,書籍和電影

- 第三部分:使用您的口袋電腦上網
- 19:有線或無線連接到互聯網
- 20:發送和接收電子郵件
- 21:發送和接收即時消息
- 22:瀏覽網頁

- 第四部分:自定義您的口袋電腦
- 23:使用軟件和硬件擴展您的口袋電腦