High Availability Guide to DB2

Chris Eaton, Enzo Cialini

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  • 出版日期: 2004-05-20
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  • ISBN-13: 9780131448308
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Book Description

IBM's definitive guide to DB2 high availability

High availability is now crucial to virtually every enterprise and e-business application. Now, there's a start-to-finish guide to delivering high availability with DB2 Universal Database for Linux, UNIX and Windows. Two of IBM's leading DB2 high availability experts thoroughly review options related to both the database engine and the underlying platform. Along the way, they address the entire lifecycle, from planning and architecture through day-to-day administration. Coverage includes:

  • Fundamental concepts, real-world challenges, and tradeoffs
  • Choosing among today's diverse high availability alternatives
  • Configuring highly available databases
  • Disk-based availability, including split mirror copies and disk-based remote mirroring
  • Multi-partition issues, including instance takeover and tuning parameters
  • Clustering and failover: HACMP, Sun Cluster, HP Service Guard, MSCS, and Linux Steeleye
  • Monitoring and tuning databases to maximize availability
  • Backup and recovery in highly available environments
  • DB2's advanced availability features: standby servers, shared disk configurations, and no-data-loss recovery

If you're a DBA, your #1 priority is to keep your database running. If you're an architect, your #1 priority is building databases that can keep running. This book solves both problems

Table of Contents:


1. Introduction.

Types of Outages. Cost of Outages. Types of Recovery Processes Covered in this Book.

2. Minimizing Unplanned Outages.

Recovery Processing. How Database Logging Works. Types of Logging. Crash Recovery. Backup Processing. Database Recovery. Summary.

3. Minimizing Unplanned Outages.

Increasing Availability During Planned Outages.

4. Setting Up a Standby Database.

What is a Standby Database? Recap of Log Archiving and Roll Forward Recovery. Log Shipping to a Standby Database. Other Considerations for Log Shipping. Replication as a Standby Database. Summarizing your Standby Database Options.

5. Disk-Based Availability Options.

Disk-Based Availability Options.

6. Setting up Failover Software.

Failover Software.

7.Using Shared-Disk for Greater Availability.

Using Shared Disks for Greater Availability.





高可用性現在對於幾乎每個企業和電子商務應用程序都至關重要。現在,有一本從頭到尾的指南,教你如何使用DB2 Universal Database for Linux、UNIX和Windows實現高可用性。IBM的兩位領先的DB2高可用性專家全面評估了與數據庫引擎和底層平台相關的選項。在此過程中,他們解決了從規劃和架構到日常管理的整個生命周期。內容包括:

  • 基本概念、現實世界的挑戰和權衡

  • 在當今多樣化的高可用性選項中進行選擇

  • 配置高可用性數據庫

  • 基於磁盤的可用性,包括分割鏡像副本和基於磁盤的遠程鏡像

  • 多分區問題,包括實例接管和調整參數

  • 集群和故障轉移:HACMP、Sun Cluster、HP Service Guard、MSCS和Linux Steeleye

  • 監控和調整數據庫以最大化可用性

  • 在高可用性環境中的備份和恢復

  • DB2的高級可用性功能:備用服務器、共享磁盤配置和無數據損失恢復




1. 簡介


2. 最小化非計劃性故障


3. 最小化非計劃性故障


4. 設置備用數據庫


5. 基於磁盤的可用性選項


6. 設置故障轉移軟件


7. 使用共享磁盤提高可用性