xUnit Test Patterns: Refactoring Test Code (Hardcover)

Gerard Meszaros




Automated testing is a cornerstone of agile development. Testing can deliver new functionality more aggressively, accelerate user feedback, and improve quality. However, for many developers, creating effective automated tests is a unique and unfamiliar challenge.

XUnit Test Patterns is the definitive guide to writing automated tests for today's popular XUnit test automation frameworks. Renowned testing expert Gerard Meszaros introduces more than 120 proven patterns for making tests easier to write, understand, and maintain. He then shows you how to make them more robust and repeatable, and far more cost-effective.

Drawing on his extensive experience, Meszaros illuminates the evolving role of software testing and clearly defines unit, component and system testing. He then links these concepts to the "programmer" and "customer" tests required by agile methods. You'll learn how to optimize your test automation strategy, organize it, and implement it with XUnit. You'll also learn three categories of recurring problems, and how to overcome each of these "test smells."

A comprehensive reference to more than 120 testing patterns is included, and Meszaros illuminates the principles underlying each pattern, offering step-by-step usage instructions. You'll find high-level strategy patterns, design-level patterns for testing specific functionality, and coding idioms for optimizing specific tests. In addition, an extensive library of relevant code samples is available online. Topics covered include:

  • Writing better tests--and writing them faster
  • Software testing phases: fixture setup, exercise SUT, result verification, and fixture teardown
  • Testing business logic, databases, user interfaces, and machine-to-machine interfaces
  • Isolating software to test it independently from its environment
  • Refactoring tests for greater simplicity
  • Working effectively with XUnit, NUnit, JUnit, and other implementations
  • Designing software for greater testability

This book will benefit developers, managers, and testers working with any agile or conventional development process, any testing framework, and any testing strategy--from "tests as specification" to "tests as safety net."




《XUnit測試模式》是撰寫當今流行的XUnit測試自動化框架的自動化測試的權威指南。著名測試專家Gerard Meszaros介紹了超過120種證明有效的模式,使測試更容易撰寫、理解和維護。然後,他向您展示如何使它們更強大和可重複,並且更具成本效益。



- 撰寫更好且更快的測試
- 軟件測試階段:固定設置、執行SUT、結果驗證和固定拆卸
- 測試業務邏輯、數據庫、用戶界面和機器對機器界面
- 將軟件隔離以獨立於其環境進行測試
- 重構測試以獲得更大的簡潔性
- 有效地使用XUnit、NUnit、JUnit和其他實現
- 設計更易於測試的軟件