Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C# (Hardcover)

Robert C. Martin, Micah Martin




With the award-winning book Agile Software Development: Principles, Patterns, and Practices, Robert C. Martin helped bring Agile principles to tens of thousands of Java and C++ programmers. Now .NET programmers have a definitive guide to agile methods with this completely updated volume from Robert C. Martin and Micah Martin, Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C#.

This book presents a series of case studies illustrating the fundamentals of Agile development and Agile design, and moves quickly from UML models to real C# code. The introductory chapters lay out the basics of the agile movement, while the later chapters show proven techniques in action. The book includes many source code examples that are also available for download from the authors’ Web site.

Readers will come away from this book understanding

  • Agile principles, and the fourteen practices of Extreme Programming
  • Spiking, splitting, velocity, and planning iterations and releases
  • Test-driven development, test-first design, and acceptance testing
  • Refactoring with unit testing
  • Pair programming
  • Agile design and design smells
  • The five types of UML diagrams and how to use them effectively
  • Object-oriented package design and design patterns
  • How to put all of it together for a real-world project

Whether you are a C# programmer or a Visual Basic or Java programmer learning C#, a software development manager, or a business analyst, Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C# is the first book you should read to understand agile software and how it applies to programming in the .NET Framework.



Comprehensive, pragmatic tutorial on Agile development for C# programmers from one of the founding fathers of Agile programming

  • Adapted from the Jolt Award winner Agile Software Development Principles, Patterns, and Practices
  • Brings together principles of object oriented design, design patterns, UML and software best practices
  • Uses real-world case studies to show how to plan, test, and refactor


《敏捷軟體開發:原則、模式與實踐》是一本屢獲殊榮的書籍,由Robert C. Martin幫助數以萬計的Java和C++程式設計師了解敏捷原則。現在,.NET程式設計師也有了一本明確的敏捷方法指南,這是由Robert C. Martin和Micah Martin合著的《敏捷原則、模式與實踐:C#版》。


- 敏捷原則和極限編程的十四個實踐
- 探索、拆分、速度和計劃迭代和發布
- 測試驅動開發、測試優先設計和驗收測試
- 單元測試的重構
- 雙人編程
- 敏捷設計和設計異味
- 五種UML圖表的使用方法
- 面向對象的封裝設計和設計模式
- 如何將所有這些應用於實際項目

無論您是C#程式設計師、Visual Basic或Java程式設計師學習C#、軟體開發經理還是業務分析師,《敏捷原則、模式與實踐:C#版》是您應該閱讀的第一本書,以了解敏捷軟體開發及其在.NET框架中的應用。

- 由敏捷編程的創始人之一,Jolt Award獲獎者《敏捷軟體開發原則、模式與實踐》改編而成
- 綜合了面向對象設計、設計模式、UML和軟體最佳實踐的原則
- 通過真實案例研究展示了計劃、測試和重構的方法