SQL Server 2019 Administration Inside Out

Assaf, William, West, Randolph, Aelterman, Sven



Conquer SQL Server 2019 administration-from the inside out






Dive into SQL Server 2019 administration-and really put your SQL Server DBA expertise to work. This supremely organized reference packs hundreds of time-saving solutions, tips, and workarounds-all you need to plan, implement, manage, and secure SQL Server 2019 in any production environment: on-premises, cloud, or hybrid. SQL Server experts offer a complete tour of DBA capabilities available in SQL Server 2019 Database Engine, SQL Server Data Tools, SQL Server Management Studio, and via PowerShell. Discover how experts tackle today's essential tasks-and challenge yourself to new levels of mastery.






  • Install, customize, and use SQL Server 2019's key administration and development tools
  • Manage memory, storage, clustering, virtualization, and other components
  • Architect and implement database infrastructure, including IaaS, Azure SQL, and hybrid cloud configurations
  • Provision SQL Server and Azure SQL databases
  • Secure SQL Server via encryption, row-level security, and data masking
  • Safeguard Azure SQL databases using platform threat protection, firewalling, and auditing
  • Establish SQL Server IaaS network security groups and user-defined routes
  • Administer SQL Server user security and permissions
  • Efficiently design tables using keys, data types, columns, partitioning, and views
  • Utilize BLOBs and external, temporal, and memory-optimized tables
  • Master powerful optimization techniques involving concurrency, indexing, parallelism, and execution plans
  • Plan, deploy, and perform disaster recovery in traditional, cloud, and hybrid environments






For Experienced SQL Server Administrators and Other Database Professionals



Your role: Intermediate-to-advanced level SQL Server database administrator, architect, developer



征服 SQL Server 2019 管理 - 從內而外

深入研究 SQL Server 2019 管理,真正發揮你的 SQL Server DBA 專業知識。這本組織有序的參考書提供了數百個節省時間的解決方案、技巧和解決方法,讓你在任何生產環境中計劃、實施、管理和保護 SQL Server 2019:本地、雲端或混合。SQL Server 專家提供了一個完整的 DBA 功能導覽,包括 SQL Server 2019 Database Engine、SQL Server Data Tools、SQL Server Management Studio 和 PowerShell。發現專家如何應對當今的重要任務,並挑戰自己達到新的掌握水平。

- 安裝、自定義和使用 SQL Server 2019 的關鍵管理和開發工具
- 管理記憶體、儲存、叢集、虛擬化和其他組件
- 設計和實施資料庫基礎架構,包括 IaaS、Azure SQL 和混合雲配置
- 提供 SQL Server 和 Azure SQL 資料庫
- 通過加密、行級安全性和數據遮罩保護 SQL Server
- 通過平台威脅保護、防火牆和審計保護 Azure SQL 資料庫
- 建立 SQL Server IaaS 網路安全群組和用戶定義路由
- 管理 SQL Server 用戶安全性和權限
- 高效地設計表,包括鍵、資料類型、欄位、分區和視圖
- 利用 BLOB 和外部、暫態和內存優化表
- 掌握涉及並發性、索引、並行性和執行計劃的強大優化技巧
- 在傳統、雲端和混合環境中規劃、部署和執行災難恢復

對於有經驗的 SQL Server 管理員和其他資料庫專業人士

你的角色:中高級 SQL Server 資料庫管理員、架構師、開發人員