Computer Security Fundamentals

Easttom, Chuck


Clearly explains core concepts, terminology, challenges, technologies, and skills




Covers today's latest attacks and countermeasures







The perfect beginner's guide for anyone interested in a computer security career





Chuck Easttom brings together complete coverage of all basic concepts, terminology, and issues, along with all the skills you need to get started.





Drawing on 20+ years of experience as a security instructor, consultant, and researcher, Easttom helps you take a proactive, realistic approach to assessing threats and implementing countermeasures. Writing clearly and simply, he addresses crucial issues that many introductory security books ignore, while addressing the realities of a world where billions of new devices are Internet-connected.





This guide covers web attacks, hacking, spyware, network defense, security appliances, VPNs, password use, and much more. Its many tips and examples reflect new industry trends and the state-of-the-art in both attacks and defense. Exercises, projects, and review questions in every chapter help you deepen your understanding and apply all you've learned.





Whether you're a student, a professional, or a manager, this guide will help you protect your assets-and expand your career options.




Dr. Chuck Easttom is the author of 26 books, including several on computer security, forensics, and cryptography. He has also authored scientific papers on digital forensics, cyber warfare, cryptography, and applied mathematics. He is an inventor with 16 computer science patents. He holds a Doctor of Science in cyber security (dissertation topic: a study of lattice-based algorithms for post quantum cryptography) and three master's degrees (one in applied computer science, one in education, and one in systems engineering). He also holds 44 industry certifications (CISSP, CEH, etc.) He is a frequent speaker at cybersecurity, computer science, and engineering conferences. He is a Distinguished Speaker of the ACM and a Senior member of the IEEE and a Senior member of the ACM. Dr. Easttom is also a reviewer for five scientific journals and Editor in Chief for the American Journal of Science and Engineering. You can find out more about Dr. Easttom and his research at