Retrospectives Antipatterns (Paperback)

Corry, Aino

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  • 出版日期: 2020-11-06
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 013682336X
  • ISBN-13: 9780136823360
  • 相關分類: Design Pattern
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Improve Every Retrospective Real Solutions for Every Team Leader, Facilitator, and Participant
". . . Aino has shared a robust, curated list of antipatterns and how to avoid them. . . . And she has shared so much more than tips and techniques. You will find a gold mine--with precious nuggets, including her personal experiences, effective facilitation resources, and pointers for extracting yourself and your team when you're stuck."
-- From the Foreword by Diana Larsen, co-author, Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great
Retrospectives are indispensable for continuous learning and improvement in Lean, Agile, DevOps, and other contexts, but most of us have suffered through at least one retrospective that was a waste of time, or worse. Now, leading agile coach Aino Vonge Corry identifies 24 reasons that retrospectives fail and shows how to overcome each of them.

Using the familiar "patterns" approach, Retrospectives Antipatterns introduces antipatterns related to structure, planning, people, distributed teams, and more. Corry shares traps she's encountered and mistakes she's made over more than a decade of leading retrospectives and then presents proven solutions. With her insights and guidance, you can run enjoyable retrospectives that deliver concrete improvements and real value--or at the very least recognize when you are making the same mistake as the author

  • Create a common language, actionable solutions, and proven plans for solving the retrospective problems you'll encounter most often
  • Recognize symptoms, assess tradeoffs, and refactor your current situation into something better
  • Plan more effectively: decide who should attend and facilitate, when to schedule your retrospective, and how much time to set aside
  • Handle "people" problems: deal with negativity, silence, distrust, disillusionment, loudmouths, and cultural differences
  • Facilitate better "virtual" retrospectives, with tips for online retrospectives included in each antipattern

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「...... Aino分享了一個豐富、精心挑選的反模式清單以及如何避免它們...... 她分享了更多的是寶藏,包括她的個人經驗、有效的引導資源,以及當你陷入困境時如何解脫自己和團隊的指南。」
- Diana Larsen, 《敏捷回顧:打造優秀團隊》合著者,序言中

回顧在精實、敏捷、DevOps和其他情境中是不可或缺的持續學習和改進方法,但我們中的大多數人至少經歷過一次浪費時間甚至更糟糕的回顧。現在,領先的敏捷教練Aino Vonge Corry確定了回顧失敗的24個原因,並展示了如何克服每一個原因。


- 創建一個共同的語言、可行的解決方案和解決回顧問題的成熟計劃
- 辨識症狀,評估權衡,將您目前的情況重構為更好的狀態
- 更有效地計劃:決定誰應該參加和引導,何時安排回顧,以及需要多少時間
- 處理「人」問題:應對消極、沉默、不信任、幻滅、大嘴巴和文化差異
- 更好地引導「虛擬」回顧,每個反模式中都包含了線上回顧的技巧



Aino Vonge Corry, independent consultant, has facilitated retrospectives for over a decade, written about facilitation for almost as long, and spoken widely and taught courses worldwide on the subject. She holds a PhD in computer science with a focus on design patterns in object-oriented design and OO language constructs: "pattern-glasses" that have been invaluable in formulating experience for others to learn from. She has taught for over two decades, in both university and industry settings.


Aino Vonge Corry,獨立顧問,已經進行了十多年的回顧會議引導,幾乎同樣長的時間內撰寫了關於引導的文章,並在全球廣泛演講和教授相關課程。她擁有計算機科學博士學位,專注於面向對象設計中的設計模式和面向對象語言結構,這些「模式眼鏡」對於制定他人學習經驗非常有價值。她在大學和工業環境中教授已經超過二十年。