Seam Framework: Experience the Evolution of Java EE, 2/e

Michael Yuan, Jacob Orshalick, Thomas Heute

  • 出版商: Prentice Hall
  • 出版日期: 2009-02-14
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0137129394
  • ISBN-13: 9780137129393
  • 相關分類: Java 程式語言
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Fully Updated to Cover Major Enhancements to Seam 2.x


In Seam Framework, Second Edition, the authors of the leading guide to Seam programming have systematically updated their text to reflect the major improvements introduced with Seam 2.x. This author team–all key Seam project contributors–teach Seam 2.x through detailed example applications that reveal how Seam simplifies many tasks that were previously difficult or impractical. Their robust descriptions are complemented by in-depth feature discussions that demonstrate how to use Seam’s power to the fullest. Whether you’re new to Seam programming or a seasoned Seam developer who wants to achieve deeper mastery of Seam 2.x, this book will be an indispensable resource.


Coverage includes

  • Using improvements to Seam’s conversation model, transaction management, and other features
  • Enhancing security, performing end-to-end validation, and providing custom exception pages
  • Using Quartz to execute timer jobs in your application
  • Generating bookmarkable RESTful Web pages the easy way
  • Developing highly scalable applications with Seam 2.x’s new multilayer caching
  • Simplifying development with Groovy, the scripting language that runs directly on the JVM
  • Using jBPM business processes to improve page flow
  • Previewing Web Beans (JSR-299), the future core of Seam that will transform Java EE Web development


*Download source code for this book’s case study application at


全面更新以涵蓋 Seam 2.x 的重大增強功能

在《Seam Framework, Second Edition》中,這本領先的 Seam 編程指南的作者們系統地更新了他們的內容,以反映 Seam 2.x 引入的重大改進。這個作者團隊,都是 Seam 專案的重要貢獻者,通過詳細的示例應用程序來教授 Seam 2.x,揭示了 Seam 如何簡化許多以前困難或不切實際的任務。他們深入的功能討論與詳盡的描述相輔相成,展示了如何充分利用 Seam 的功能。無論您是新手還是經驗豐富的 Seam 開發人員,想要更深入地掌握 Seam 2.x,這本書將是一個不可或缺的資源。


- 使用 Seam 對話模型、事務管理和其他功能的改進
- 增強安全性,進行端到端驗證,提供自定義異常頁面
- 使用 Quartz 在應用程序中執行定時任務
- 輕鬆生成可書籤的 RESTful 網頁
- 使用 Seam 2.x 的新多層緩存開發高度可擴展的應用程序
- 使用 Groovy 簡化開發,這是一種直接運行在 JVM 上的腳本語言
- 使用 jBPM 業務流程改善頁面流程
- 預覽 Web Beans(JSR-299),這是 Seam 的未來核心,將改變 Java EE Web 開發

*在 下載本書案例應用程序的源代碼。