Modern Software Engineering: Doing What Works to Build Better Software Faster (Paperback)

Farley, David



Amplify Your Creativity, Effectiveness, and Personal Fulfillment as a Software Professional

In Modern Software Engineering, continuous delivery pioneer David Farley helps software professionals think about their work more effectively, manage it more successfully, and genuinely improve the quality of their applications, their lives, and the lives of their colleagues.

Writing for programmers, managers, and technical leads at all levels of experience, Farley illuminates durable principles at the heart of effective software development, He distills the discipline into two core exercises: first, learning and exploration, and second, managing complexity. For each, he defines principles that can help you improve everything from your mindset to the quality of your code, and describes approaches proven to promote success.

Farley's ideas and techniques cohere into a unified, scientific, and foundational approach to solving practical software development problems within realistic economic constraints. This general, durable, and pervasive approach to software engineering can help you solve problems you haven't encountered yet, using today's technologies and tomorrow's. It offers you deeper insight into what you do every day, helping you create better software, faster, with more pleasure and personal fulfillment.

  • Clarify what you're trying to accomplish
  • Choose your tools based on sensible criteria
  • Organize work and systems to facilitate continuing incremental progress
  • Evaluate your progress toward thriving systems, not just more legacy code
  • Gain more value from experimentation and empiricism
  • Stay in control as systems grow more complex
  • Achieve rigor without too much rigidity
  • Learn from history and experience
  • Distinguish good new software development ideas from bad ones


在《現代軟體工程》中,持續交付先驅David Farley幫助軟體專業人員更有效地思考他們的工作,更成功地管理它,並真正提高他們的應用程式品質,以及他們自己和同事的生活品質。



- 澄清你想要實現的目標
- 根據明智的標準選擇工具
- 組織工作和系統以促進持續的增量進展
- 評估你朝著繁榮的系統的進展,而不僅僅是更多的遺留程式碼
- 從實驗和經驗中獲得更多價值
- 在系統變得更複雜時保持控制
- 實現嚴謹而不過於僵化
- 從歷史和經驗中學習
- 區分好的新軟體開發想法和壞的想法


David Farley, founder and consultant for Continuous Delivery Ltd., has been a programmer, software engineer, and systems architect since the early days of modern computing. He has shaped ground-breaking approaches that have transformed how developers and teams work. With Jez Humble, Farley coauthored the best-seller Continuous Delivery. As Head of Software Development for the London Multi Asset Exchange (LMAX), he built one of the world's fastest financial exchanges. One of the earliest adopters of agile techniques employing iterative development, continuous integration, and high levels of automated testing, he also coauthored the Reactive Manifesto. Dave also runs the popular and highly successful Continuous Delivery YouTube channel.


David Farley,Continuous Delivery Ltd. 的創始人和顧問,自現代計算機的早期以來一直是一名程序員、軟件工程師和系統架構師。他塑造了開創性的方法,改變了開發人員和團隊的工作方式。他與Jez Humble合著了暢銷書《Continuous Delivery》。作為倫敦多資產交易所(LMAX)的軟件開發負責人,他建立了世界上最快的金融交易所之一。作為敏捷技術的早期採用者,他採用了迭代開發、持續集成和高度自動化測試,並與他人合著了《Reactive Manifesto》。Dave還運營著受歡迎且非常成功的Continuous Delivery YouTube頻道。