The Design of Design: Essays from a Computer Scientist (Paperback)

Frederick P. Brooks Brooks



Making Sense of Design

Effective design is at the heart of everything from software development to engineering to architecture. But what do we really know about the design process? What leads to effective, elegant designs? The Design of Design addresses these questions.

These new essays by Fred Brooks contain extraordinary insights for designers in every discipline. Brooks pinpoints constants inherent in all design projects and uncovers processes and patterns likely to lead to excellence. Drawing on conversations with dozens of exceptional designers, as well as his own experiences in several design domains, Brooks observes that bold design decisions lead to better outcomes.

The author tracks the evolution of the design process, treats collaborative and distributed design, and illuminates what makes a truly great designer. He examines the nuts and bolts of design processes, including budget constraints of many kinds, aesthetics, design empiricism, and tools, and grounds this discussion in his own real-world examples—case studies ranging from home construction to IBM's Operating System/360. Throughout, Brooks reveals keys to success that every designer, design project manager, and design researcher should know.




這些由Fred Brooks撰寫的新文章對於各個領域的設計師都包含了非凡的見解。Brooks指出了所有設計項目中固有的共同點,並揭示了可能導致卓越的過程和模式。他根據與許多優秀設計師的對話以及自己在幾個設計領域的經驗,觀察到大膽的設計決策會帶來更好的結果。

作者追蹤了設計過程的演變,討論了協作和分散式設計,並闡明了什麼才是真正偉大的設計師。他探討了設計過程的細節,包括各種預算限制、美學、設計經驗主義和工具,並以自己的實際案例為例,從家居建設到IBM的Operating System/360的案例研究。在整個過程中,Brooks揭示了每個設計師、設計項目經理和設計研究人員都應該知道的成功關鍵。