Open Modeling with UML

Brian Henderson-Sellers, Bhuvan Unhelkar

  • 出版商: Addison Wesley
  • 出版日期: 2000-01-15
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 245
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0201675129
  • ISBN-13: 9780201675122
  • 相關分類: UML
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OPEN Modeling with UML Brian Henderson-Sellers and Bhuvan Unhelkar ACM Press "As you read this book you will find a well-defined and well-honed methodology for managing your own software development processes. Clear explanations of fundamentally difficult concepts make this book a major contribution to the literature and to future standardization in this area" - Richard Soley, Chairman and CEO, Object Management Group. "I have seen the software industry evolve over the past 33 years and in my opinion process discipline has been one of our most significant lacunae. OPEN with UML provides an extremely solid and powerful base for promoting the software process discipline, offering immense value to the still rapidly growing software industry. The new millennium in my home country of India, as well as worldwide, will benefit greatly from a simple and lucidly written work such as this." - Prabhat (S.D.)Pradhan, CEO, TATA Technologies India. OPEN (Object-oriented Process, Environment and Notation) addresses a number of key concerns facing IT professionals today. How do you deal with challenges encountered in migration, component integration, and Internet-based development, as well as higher-level process and project management issues? OPEN is a tailorable, complete 'process environment' which gives you the power to easily customize the development process to precisely fit with your individual organization's needs. This introductory-level book guides you through the basic concepts that you will need to master for using OPEN process in industry, and to understand the use of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) as its notational element. The authors adopt a strong practical approach, drawing on their extensive experience and developing their arguments around two detailed case studies. Primarily aimed at software developers needing to use an adaptable process to model with UML, this book will also help project managers and quality managers appreciate the use of a software development process together with a standardized notation. Structure of the book: Chapter 1 overviews the OPEN process and the appropriate use of the UML within it Chapter 2 introduces the key aspects of UML, primarily focusing on the notational element Chapter 3 covers how OPEN supports modeling and discusses the modeling artifacts such as Tasks and Techniques, the tools and processes with which to build software complemented by UML as the notation Chapters 4 and 5 consist of in-depth case studies: a library management system which illustrates how to use OPEN in a responsibility-driven style of development; and a small business loan system, an example of a use-case-driven large-scale software project for the Web * Additional Features: step-by-step plan for using the book as the foundation for a two day seminar course (or three day course in conjunction with the use of a CASE tool) for industry training or teaching to senior-level students web-site resource base at appendix demonstrating the use of a process tool in applying the OPEN process


作者:Brian Henderson-Sellers和Bhuvan Unhelkar
出版社:ACM Press

「當您閱讀本書時,您將找到一個明確且經過精心磨練的方法論,用於管理自己的軟體開發流程。對於基本困難概念的清晰解釋使本書成為文獻和未來在這個領域標準化的重要貢獻。」- Richard Soley,Object Management Group主席兼首席執行官

「在過去的33年中,我見證了軟體行業的演變,我認為流程紀律一直是我們最重要的缺陷之一。『使用UML的開放』為推動軟體流程紀律提供了非常堅實和強大的基礎,為仍在快速增長的軟體行業提供了巨大價值。像這樣簡單明瞭的著作將使我們的家鄉印度以及全球在新千年中受益匪淺。」- Prabhat (S.D.) Pradhan,TATA Technologies India首席執行官