Digital Telephony Over Cable: The PacketCable Network

D. R. Evans



(Pearson Education) Companion guide for managers and implementors of digital telephony over cable, featuring an overview of more than a thousand pages of technical specification with in-depth explanations and background information. Shows how all of the underlying technologies come together to make digital telephony over cable possible. Softcover. DLC: Digital telephone systems.


(皮爾遜教育) 《數位電話網路管理者與實施者的同行指南》是一本軟體封面書籍,針對數位電話網路在有線電視上的管理者和實施者提供了超過一千頁的技術規範概述,並提供深入解釋和背景資訊。本書展示了所有底層技術如何結合在一起,實現數位電話網路在有線電視上的可能性。DLC: 數位電話系統。