Inside the C++ Object Model (Paperback)

Stanley B. Lippman

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Table Of Contents

Object Lessons.
Layout Costs for Adding Encapsulation.
The C++ Object Model.
A Keyword Distinction.
An Object Distinction.
The Semantics of Constructors.
Default Constructor Construction.
Copy Constructor Construction.
Program Transformation Semantics.
Member Initialization List.
The Semantics of Data.
The Binding of a Data Member.
Data Member Layout.
Access of a Data Member.
Inheritance and the Data Member.
Object Member Efficiency.
Pointer to Data Members.
The Semantics of Function.
Varieties of Member Invocation.
Virtual Member Functions.
Function Efficiency.
Pointer-to-Member Functions.
Inline Functions.
Semantics of Construction, Destruction, and Copy.
Object Construction without Inheritance.
Object Construction under Inheritance.
Object Copy Semantics.
Object Efficiency.
Semantics of Destruction.
Runtime Semantics.
Object Construction and Destruction.
Operators new and delete.
Temporary Objects.
On the Cusp of the Object Model.
Exception Handling.
Runtime Type Identification.
Efficient, but Inflexible.
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