The Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound, 3/e

David Lewis Yewdall MPSE

  • 出版商: Focal Press
  • 出版日期: 2007-05-21
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 592
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0240808657
  • ISBN-13: 9780240808659
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Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound embraces the subject of sound for films. Based on the experience of the author and other top sound craftspeople, this book provides numerous real-life examples and relevant technical data. It also is firmly grounded in practical techniques and it will show you an appreciation of all the processes involved in creating motion picture sound, from how to achieve great sound despite a small budget and less-than-perfect recording conditions to steps you will need to take to create an artful audio experience.
This edition is completely revised and expanded, and the most popular sound editing systems, Pro Tools and Final Cut Pro, are covered in-depth. The accompanying NEW DVD presents demonstration material as well as a large library of sound effects, while numerous charts, illustrations, and photographs help to demonstrate techniques and common industry practices.
Among other topics, Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound, Third Edition includes:
• Preproduction planning
• Production tips
• Sound design
• Sound editing
• ADR and looping
• Using Pro Tools
• Using Nagra’s analog and digital systems
• Custom recording sound effect

Table of contents

Chapter 1: The Empowerment of Sound
Chapter 2: Our Amateur Beginnings
Chapter 3: The Passing of a Tradion – and coming of Age
Chapter 4: Success or Failure: Before the Camera Even Rolls
Chapter 5: The Challenging Battlefield of Production
Chapter 6: From the Set to the Laboratory
Chapter 7: Picture Editorial –
and the use of the Sound Medium
Chapter 8: Temp Dubs and Test Screenings: - A Critical Objective View
Chapter 9: Spotting the Picture -- for Sound and Music
Chapter 10: Custom Recording Sound Effects --
The Real Fun and Adventure
Chapter 11: the Sound Librarian : the curator of an audio empire
Chapter 12: Sound Design -- Myths and Realities
Chapter 13: Sound Editorial : Traditional Approach
Chapter 14: Sound Editorial : Ultra Low-Budget Strategies
Chapter 15: Dialog Editors -- Hollywood’s Unsung Heroes
Chapter 16: ADR -and- Looping -- Getting the Lips to Flap in Sync
Chapter 17: FOLEY : The Art of Footsteps, Props and
Cloth Movement
Chapter 18: Nonlinear -- the Digital Workstation
Chapter 19: The Music Composer -- Audio Collaboration or Mud and Destruction
Chapter 20: The Rerecording Stage -- Predubbing and
the Final Mix
Chapter 21: 5.1 -- Audio Restoration and Emerging
Audio Technologies
Chapter 22: The venerable Nagra IV-S ( analog )
Chapter 23: The new recording hot-rod -- the Nagra V (digital)
Glossary of Terms
Audio-DVD Companion



本版完全修訂和擴充,並深入介紹了最受歡迎的音效編輯系統Pro Tools和Final Cut Pro。附帶的新DVD提供示範材料以及大量的音效庫,而眾多的圖表、插圖和照片有助於演示技術和常見的行業慣例。
• 預製作計劃
• 拍攝技巧
• 音效設計
• 音效編輯
• ADR和循環錄音
• 使用Pro Tools
• 使用Nagra的模擬和數字系統
• 自定義錄製音效


第3章:傳統的消逝 - 並且成熟
第7章:影像編輯 - 和音效媒介的使用
第8章:臨時配音和試映: - 一個關鍵的客觀觀點
第10章:自定義錄製音效 - 真正的樂趣和冒險
第12章:音效設計 - 神話與現實
第15章:對話編輯師 - 好萊塢的無名英雄
第16章:ADR和循環錄音 - 讓嘴唇同步擺動
第18章:非線性 - 數字工作站
第19章:音樂作曲家 - 音頻協作還是泥濘和破壞
第20章:混音階段 - 預混音和最終混音
第21章:5.1 - 音頻修復和新興音頻技術
第22章:古老的Nagra IV-S(模擬)
第23章:新的錄音熱棒 - Nagra V(數字)