Statistics, Data Analysis, & Decision Modeling, 5/e (IE-Paperback)【含Access Code, 經刮除不受退】

James R. Evans




For undergraduate and graduate level courses that combines introductory statistics with data analysis or decision modeling.

A pragmatic approach to statistics, data analysis and decision modeling.

Statistics, Data Analysis & Decision Modeling focuses on the practical understanding of its topics, allowing readers to develop conceptual insight on fundamental techniques and theories. Evans
dedication to present material in a simple and straightforward fashion is ideal for student comprehension.

Excel 2007 focus with accompanying Excel Add-Ins: This feature allows students to focus more on the interpretation of results as well as the managerial implications of those results. 

Excel and Add-In explanation place in
Notes: By separating this feature from the text, the explanation does not get in the way of the narrative and conceptual understanding yet still enhances comprehension. 

Material re-organization:

Theory and extensive computational formulas moved to end of chapter appendices: Separating the formulas from the chapter material provides professors with instructing flexibility and encourages students to focus on the concepts first and the application second. 
The end of chapter material now includes three different types of problems: The incorporation of three different types of problems gives professors flexibility on what concepts they want students to practice on. 
Completely re-written Instructors Manual created by the book author. 

New To This Edition
The fifth edition of this text has been carefully revised to improve clarity and pedagogical features, and incorporate new and revised topics. Many significant changes have been made, and include the following: 
1.Spreadsheet-based tools and applications are compatible with Microsoft Excel 2010, which is used throughout this edition.
2.Every chapter has been carefully revised to improve clarity. Many explanations of critical concepts have been enhanced using new business examples and data sets. The sequencing of several topics have been reorganized to improve their flow within the book. 
3.Excel, PHStat, and other software notes have been moved to chapter appendixes so as not to disrupt the flow of the text.
SkillBuilder exercises, designed to provide experience with applying Excel, have been located in the text to facilitate immediate application of new concepts.
5.Data used in many problems have been changed, and new problems have been added.


Chapter 1 Data and Business Decisions   
Chapter 2 Descriptive Satistics and Data Analysis
Chapter 3 Probability Concepts and Distributions
Chapter 4 Sampling and Estimation   
Chapter 5 Hypothesis Testing and Statistical Inference   
Chapter 6 Regression Analysis   
Chapter 7 Forecasting   
Chapter 8 Introduction to Statistical Quality Control   
Chapter 9 Building and Using Decision Models   
Chapter 10 Decisions Models with Uncertainty and Risk
Chapter 11 Decisions, Uncertainty, and Risk    
Chapter 12 Queues and Process Simulation Modeling   
Chapter 13 Linear Optimization  
Chapter 14 Integer, Nonlinear, and Advanced Optimization Methods




這本書以實用的方式介紹統計學、資料分析和決策建模的概念,讓讀者能夠對基本技巧和理論有概念性的理解。作者 Evans 簡潔直接的呈現方式非常適合學生理解。

Excel 2007 的重點和相應的 Excel Add-Ins:這個功能讓學生更加關注結果的解釋以及這些結果的管理意義。

Excel 和 Add-In 的解釋放在“註釋”中:通過將這個功能與正文分開,解釋不會妨礙敘述和概念理解,同時還能增強理解能力。

- 理論和大量計算公式移到章節附錄的末尾:將公式與章節內容分開,提供教授靈活教學的彈性,鼓勵學生先理解概念,再應用。
- 章節末尾的材料現在包括三種不同類型的問題:三種不同類型的問題的結合使教授在實踐中有更多的彈性。
- 由書籍作者完全重新編寫的教師手冊。

1. 基於電子表格的工具和應用與 Microsoft Excel 2010 兼容,本版中一直使用該版本。
2. 每章都經過精心修訂,以提高清晰度。許多關鍵概念的解釋都使用了新的商業示例和數據集。幾個主題的排序已重新組織,以改善書中的流程。
3. Excel、PHStat 和其他軟件的註釋已移至章節附錄,以不干擾正文的流程。
4. “SkillBuilder”練習,旨在提供應用 Excel 的經驗,已放置在正文中,以便立即應用新概念。
5. 許多問題中使用的數據已更改,並添加了新問題。