Information Trapping: Real-Time Research on the Web

Tara Calishain





How many times have you run a Google search that resulted in thousands of results? With over 8 billion pages online and more posted every day, the Web more than likely contains the information you’re looking for — if only you could find it. In Information Trapping: Real-Time Research on the Web, Internet-search-engine expert Tara Calishain makes researching more efficient and rewarding for anyone for whom the Web is an indispensable tool — academics, journalists, scientists, and professionals, as well as bloggers, genealogists, and hobbyists. She does so by teaching the latest techniques for building automated information-gathering systems. As an alternative to the typical one-time search for information, Tara demonstrates how readers can use RSS feeds, page monitoring tools, and other software to set up information streams of many different data types — from text to multimedia to conversations — for capture and review.



你有多少次執行 Google 搜尋結果出現數千個結果的情況?網路上有超過 80 億個網頁,每天還有更多的網頁被發佈,如果你能找到它們的話,網路很有可能包含你正在尋找的資訊。在《Information Trapping: Real-Time Research on the Web》這本書中,網路搜尋引擎專家 Tara Calishain 教授了最新的建立自動化資訊收集系統的技巧,讓研究變得更高效且有價值。這本書適合網路是不可或缺工具的學者、記者、科學家和專業人士,以及部落客、家譜學家和愛好者。Tara 通過教授使用 RSS 訂閱、網頁監控工具和其他軟體來建立多種不同資料類型(從文字到多媒體到對話)的資訊流,以供捕獲和審查,作為尋找資訊的替代方法。