Google Hacks, 2/e (Paperback)

Rael Dornfest, Tara Calishain

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  • 出版日期: 2005-01-08
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 0596008570
  • ISBN-13: 9780596008574
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Whether you're a high school student looking for the latest info on your favorite rock group, or a seasoned attorney researching an old case, you're probably using Google. It seems like everyone is. And who can blame them? With access to more than three million documents in over 30 languages, Google is a researcher's dream. It's no wonder, then, that nearly 150 million Google searches are conducted each day. As a result, people are hungry to learn new ways to maximize its usefulness.

Truth is, there are dozens upon dozens of techniques to learn--each designed to make your Google search more time-efficient, more productive, and more fun. And Google Hacks, Second Edition has the inside scoop on them all.

An absolute must-have guide for anyone who searches the Internet--and these days that's just about everybody--Google Hacks, Second Edition takes its best-selling predecessor one step further. In plain language, Google Hacks, Second Edition is an updated collection of industrial-strength, real-world tested solutions to practical research problems.

Best of all, each of its 100 hacks are easy to read and digest--no confusing terminology or extraneous information to hamper your understanding. And although they can be read in just a few short minutes, when put to use, they can easily save you hours of research time. Now that's bang for your buck!


Table of Contents:


Foreword to the First Edition  



Chapter 1. Web 
Google Web Search Basics   1
Full-Word Wildcards   5
The 10-Word Limit   6
Special Syntax   8
Mixing Syntax   11
Advanced Search   15
Quick Links   18
Language Tools   20
Anatomy of a Search Result   22
Setting Preferences   25
Understanding Google URLs   27

      1. Browse the Google Directory  

      2. Glean a Snapshot of Google in Time  

      3. Graph Google Results over Time  

      4. Visualize Google Results  

      5. Check Your Spelling  

      6. Google Phonebook: Let Google's Fingers Do the Walking  

      7. Think Global, Google Local  

      8. Track Stocks  

      9. Consult the Dictionary  

      10. Look Up Definitions  

      11. Search Article Archives  

      12. Find Directories of Information  

      13. Seek Out Weblog Commentary  

      14. Cover Your Bases  

      15. Repetition Matters  

      16. Search a Particular Date Range  

      17. Calculate Google Centuryshare  

      18. Hack Your Own Google Search Form  

      19. Go Beyond Google's Advanced Search  

      20. Use Google Tools for Translators  

Chapter 2. Advanced Web 
Assumptions   87

      21. Like a Version  

      22. Capture Google Results in a Google Box  

      23. Build Google Directory URLs  

      24. Find Recipes  

      25. Track Result Counts over Time  

      26. Feel Really Lucky  

      27. Get Random Results (on Purpose)  

      28. Permute a Query  

      29. Weight a Query Keyword  

      30. Restrict Searches to Top-Level Results  

      31. Search for Special Characters  

      32. Dig Deeper into Sites  

      33. Summarize Results by Domain  

      34. Measure Google Mindshare  

      35. SafeSearch Certify URLs  

      36. Search Google Topics  

      37. Find the Largest Page  

      38. Perform Proximity Searches  

      39. Meander Your Google Neighborhood  

      40. Run a Google Popularity Contest  

      41. Scrape Yahoo! Buzz for a Google Search  

      42. Compare Google's Results with Other Search Engines  

      43. Scattersearch with Yahoo! and Google  

      44. Yahoo! Directory Mindshare in Google  

      45. Glean Weblog-Free Google Results  

      46. Spot Trends with Geotargeting  

      47. Bring the Google Calculator to the Command Line  

      48. Build a Custom Date Range Search Form  

      49. Search Yesterday's Index  

Chapter 3. Images 
Google Images Advanced Search Interface   196
Google Images Search Syntax   197

      50. Borrow a Corporate or Product Logo  

      51. Browse the World Wide Photo Album  

      52. Google Cartography: Street Art in Your Neighborhood  

      53. Capture the Map  

Chapter 4. News and Groups 
Introduction: Google News
Google News Search Syntax   210
Advanced News Search   211
Making the Most of Google News   212
Receive Google News Alerts   213
Beyond Google for News Search   213

      54. Scrape Google News  

      55. Visualize Google News  
Introduction: Google Groups
10 Seconds of Hierarchy Funk   220
Browsing Groups   220
Google Groups Search Syntax   221
Advanced Groups Search   224

      56. Go Deeper into Groups with Google Groups 2  

      57. Scrape Google Groups  

      58. Simplify Google Groups URLs  

Chapter 5. Add-Ons 

      59. Keep Tabs on Your Searches with Google Alerts  

      60. Add Google to Your Toolbar or Desktop  

      61. Google Your Desktop  

      62. Google with Bookmarklets  

      63. Google from Word  

      64. Google by Email  

      65. Google by Instant Messenger  

      66. Google from IRC  

      67. Google on the Go  

      68. Visit the Google Labs  

      69. Find Out What Google Thinks ___ Is  

      70. The Search Engine Belt Buckle  

Chapter 6. Gmail 
Gmail Search Syntax   295
Additional Resources   297

      71. Glean a Gmail Invite  

      72. Create and Use Custom Addresses  

      73. Import Your Contacts into Gmail  

      74. Import Mail into Gmail  

      75. Export Your Gmail  

      76. Take a Walk on the Lighter Side  

      77. Gmail on the Go  

      78. Use Gmail as a Linux Filesystem  

      79. Use Gmail as a Windows Drive  

      80. Program Gmail  

Chapter 7. Ads 
Google AdSense   343
Google AdWords   344

      81. Get the Most out of AdWords  

      82. Generate Google AdWords  

      83. Scrape Google AdWords  

      84. Determine the Worth of AdWords Words  

      85. Serve Backup Ads  

Chapter 8. Webmastering 
Google's Importance to Webmasters   370
The Mysterious PageRank   371
The Equally Mysterious Ranking Algorithm   371
Keeping Up with Google's Changes   371
In a Word: Relax   372

      86. A Webmaster's Introduction to Google  

      87. Get Inside the PageRank Algorithm  

      88. 26 Steps to 15K a Day  

      89. Be a Good Search Engine Citizen  

      90. Clean Up for a Google Visit  

      91. Remove Your Materials from Google  

Chapter 9. Programming Google 
Signing Up and Google's Terms   396
The Google Web APIs Developer's Kit   397
Using Your Google API Key   397
What's WSDL?   398
Understanding the Google API Query   399
Understanding the Google API Response   403
A Note on Spidering and Scraping   406

      92. Program Google in Perl  

      93. Install the SOAP::Lite Perl Module  

      94. Program Google with the Net::Google Perl Module  

      95. Loop Around the 10-Result Limit  

      96. Program Google in PHP  

      97. Program Google in Java  

      98. Program Google in Python  

      99. Program Google in C# and .NET  

      100. Program Google in VB.NET