The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference, 2/e (Hardcover)

Nicolai M. Josuttis



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The C++ standard library provides a set of common classes and interfaces that greatly extend the core C++ language. The library, however, is not self-explanatory. To make full use of its components–and to benefit from their power–you need a resource that does far more than list the classes and their functions.


The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference, Second Edition, describes this library as now incorporated into the new ANSI/ISO C++ language standard (C++11). The book provides comprehensive documentation of each library component, including an introduction to its purpose and design; clearly written explanations of complex concepts; the practical programming details needed for effective use; traps and pitfalls; the exact signature and definition of the most important classes and functions; and numerous examples of working code. The book focuses in particular on the Standard Template Library (STL), examining containers, iterators, function objects, and STL algorithms.


The book covers all the new C++11 library components, including


  • Concurrency
  • Fractional arithmetic
  • Clocks and timers
  • Tuples
  • New STL containers
  • New STL algorithms
  • New smart pointers
  • New locale facets
  • Random numbers and distributions
  • Type traits and utilities
  • Regular expressions


The book also examines the new C++ programming style and its effect on the standard library, including lambdas, range-based for  loops, move semantics, and variadic templates.


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暢銷的 C++ 資源

現已更新至 C++11

C++ 標準庫提供了一組常見的類別和介面,大大擴展了核心的 C++ 語言。然而,這個庫並不是自解釋的。要充分利用其組件並從中受益,您需要一個不僅僅列出類別和函數的資源。

C++ 標準庫:教程與參考,第二版將這個庫描述為已納入新的 ANSI/ISO C++ 語言標準(C++11)中。本書提供了每個庫組件的全面文檔,包括其目的和設計的介紹;對複雜概念的清晰解釋;有效使用所需的實際編程細節;陷阱和問題;最重要的類別和函數的確切簽名和定義;以及大量的工作代碼示例。本書特別關注標準模板庫(STL),並檢視容器、迭代器、函數對象和 STL 算法。

本書涵蓋了所有新的 C++11 库組件,包括

  • 並發

  • 分數運算

  • 時鐘和計時器

  • 元組

  • 新的 STL 容器

  • 新的 STL 算法

  • 新的智能指針

  • 新的區域特性

  • 隨機數和分佈

  • 類型特性和實用工具

  • 正則表達式

本書還探討了新的 C++ 編程風格及其對標準庫的影響,包括 lambda 表達式、基於範圍的 for 循環、移動語義和可變參數模板。

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