Web Anatomy: Interaction Design Frameworks that Work (Paperback)

Robert Hoekman Jr., Jared Spool

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  • 出版日期: 2009-12-11
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 224
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0321635027
  • ISBN-13: 9780321635020
  • 相關分類: 交互設計 Interaction-design
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At the start of every web design project, the ongoing struggles reappear. We want to design highly usable and self-evident applications, but we also want to devise innovative, compelling, and exciting interactions that make waves in the market. Projects are more sophisticated than ever, but we have fewer resources with which to complete them. Requirements are fuzzy at best, but we’re expected to have everything done yesterday.

What we need is a reuse strategy, coupled with a pathway to innovation. Patterns are part of the game. Components take us further. In Web Anatomy: Interaction Design Frameworks That Work, user experience experts Hoekman and Spool introduce “interaction design frameworks”, the third and final piece of what they call “The Reuse Trinity”, and resolve these issues once and for all. Frameworks are sets of design patterns and other elements that comprise entire systems, and in this game-changing book, Hoekman and Spool show you how to identify, document, share, use, and reap the benefits of frameworks. They also dive deep into several major frameworks to reveal how the psychology behind these standards leads not only to effective designs, but can also serve as the basis for cutting-edge innovations and superior user experiences.

Web Anatomy delivers:
  • A complete guide to using interaction design frameworks
  • An examination of the psychology behind major frameworks
  • A thorough look at how frameworks will change the way you work for the better
Citing examples from both the successful and not-so-successful, the authors break down the elements that comprise several common interactive web systems, discuss implementation considerations, offer examples of innovations based on these standards, reveal how frameworks work hand in hand with patterns and components, and show you how to integrate frameworks into your process.

Read Web Anatomy now. Benefit from it for years to come.

Jared Spool is a world-renowned design researcher and the founder of UIE.com. Robert Hoekman, Jr. is a veteran user experience specialist and the author of Designing the Obvious and Designing the Moment.



我們需要的是一個重複使用的策略,並結合創新的途徑。模式是遊戲的一部分,元件使我們更進一步。在《Web Anatomy: Interaction Design Frameworks That Work》一書中,用戶體驗專家Hoekman和Spool介紹了「互動設計框架」,這是他們所謂的「重複使用三位一體」的第三個和最後一個部分,並一勞永逸地解決了這些問題。框架是由設計模式和其他元素組成的整個系統,而在這本具有改變遊戲規則的書中,Hoekman和Spool向您展示如何識別、記錄、分享、使用和獲得框架的好處。他們還深入探討了幾個主要框架,揭示了這些標準背後的心理學不僅可以產生有效的設計,還可以成為尖端創新和優質用戶體驗的基礎。

《Web Anatomy》提供:

- 使用互動設計框架的完整指南
- 對主要框架背後心理學的探討
- 深入研究框架如何改善您的工作方式


立即閱讀《Web Anatomy》。多年來受益無窮。

Jared Spool是世界知名的設計研究員,也是UIE.com的創始人。Robert Hoekman, Jr.是資深的用戶體驗專家,也是《Designing the Obvious》和《Designing the Moment》的作者。