VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit (vCAT): Technical and Operational Guidance for Cloud Success (Hardcover)

VMware Press

  • 出版商: VMware Press
  • 出版日期: 2013-08-25
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 736
  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 0321912020
  • ISBN-13: 9780321912022
  • 相關分類: 虛擬化技術 Virtualization
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The complete vCAT printed reference: knowledge, tools, and validated designs for building high-value vCloud® solutions


The vCloud Architecture Toolkit (vCAT) brings together validated designs, tools, and knowledge for architecting, implementing, operating, and consuming modern vCloud infrastructure based on the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC).


vCAT has already helped hundreds of VMware customers succeed with vCloud. Now, pioneering VMware architect John Arrasjid has integrated essential vCAT information into a definitive printed guide, adding even more context and examples for successful planning and deployment. To do so, Arrasjid has distilled contributions from more than 100 VMware architects, consultants, administrators, engineers, project managers, and other technical leaders.


VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit (vCAT) is your complete roadmap for using virtualization to simplify data centers and related IT infrastructure. You’ll find up-to-the-minute, field-proven insights for addressing a wide spectrum of challenges–from availability to interoperability, security to business continuity.


Coverage includes


  • vCAT design guidelines and patterns for efficiently architecting, operating, and consuming VMware cloud computing solutions
  • Software-defined datacenter services for storage, networking, security, and availability
  • People, process, and technology issues associated with effective vCloud operation  and maintenance
  • Efficient service consumption: consumption models, service catalogs, vApps, and service provider interactions
  • Workflows to coordinate and automate task sequences, which extend beyond vCloud
  • VMware vCloud Director® Server Resource Kit software tools
  • Advanced “cloud bursting” and autoscaling techniques to dynamically leverage additional computing resources
  • Planning and management of capacity, security, compliance, and disaster recovery






vCAT已經幫助了數百個VMware客戶成功實施vCloud。現在,VMware的先驅架構師John Arrasjid將基本的vCAT信息整合到一本權威的印刷指南中,為成功的規劃和部署提供更多的背景和示例。為此,Arrasjid從100多名VMware架構師、顧問、管理員、工程師、項目經理和其他技術領導者的貢獻中提煉出了內容。

VMware vCloud架構工具包(vCAT)是您使用虛擬化簡化數據中心和相關IT基礎架構的完整路線圖。您將找到最新的、經過驗證的見解,以應對各種挑戰,從可用性到互操作性,從安全性到業務連續性。


- 有效架構、運營和使用VMware雲計算解決方案的vCAT設計指南和模式
- 用於存儲、網絡、安全性和可用性的軟體定義數據中心服務
- 與有效的vCloud操作和維護相關的人員、流程和技術問題
- 有效的服務消費:消費模型、服務目錄、vApps和服務提供商互動
- 協調和自動化任務序列的工作流程,超出vCloud範圍
- VMware vCloud Director® Server Resource Kit軟體工具
- 高級的“雲爆發”和自動擴展技術,以動態利用額外的計算資源
- 容量、安全性、合規性和災難恢復的規劃和管理