Introduction to Android Application Development: Android Essentials, 4/e (Paperback)

Joseph Annuzzi Jr., Lauren Darcey, Shane Conder




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What Every Android™ App Developer Should Know Today: Android Tools, App/UI Design, Testing, Publishing, And More

Introduction to Android™ Application Development, Fourth Edition

This fully reworked edition of a proven title is the most useful real-world guide to building robust, commercial-grade Android™ apps. The content is revised and updated for the latest Android 4.3 SDK and the newest development best practices. Introduction to AndroidApplication Development: Android Essentials covers all you need to quickly start developing professional apps for today’s Android devices. Three expert developers guide you through setting up your development environment, designing user interfaces, developing for diverse devices, and optimizing your entire app-development process—from design through publication. Updated throughout, this title includes extensive coverage of the most useful new Android tools and utilities. It adds an all-new chapter on planning an amazing Android app user experience, plus extensive new coverage of unit testing, dialogs, preferences, and app publishing. Throughout, key concepts are taught through clear, up-to-date example code.


This edition offers

  • Fully updated introductions to the latest Android 4.3 APIs, tools, utilities, and best practices
  • Up-to-date strategies for leveraging new Android capabilities while preserving compatibility
  • Navigation patterns and code samples for delivering more intuitive user experiences
  • Example-based explanations of ActionBars, DialogFragments, and other key concepts
  • Expert automated testing techniques to quickly improve code quality
  • New Google Play Developer Console app publishing techniques that also offer more control


For Android developers at all levels of experience, this reference is now more valuable than ever. Students, instructors, and self-learners will especially appreciate new chapter-ending questions and exercises, carefully designed to test knowledge and deepen mastery.

Note: This revamped, newly titled edition is a complete update of Android™ Wireless Application Development, Volume I: Android Essentials, Third Edition



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《What Every Android™ App Developer Should Know Today: Android Tools, App/UI Design, Testing, Publishing, And More》和《Introduction to Android™ Application Development, Fourth Edition》是兩本重要的Android開發書籍。這個全新修訂的版本是建立堅固、商業級Android應用程式的最有用的實用指南。內容已經修訂並更新至最新的Android 4.3 SDK和最新的開發最佳實踐。《Introduction to Android™ Application Development: Android Essentials》涵蓋了您需要快速開發今天Android設備專業應用程式所需的一切。三位專家開發人員將引導您建立開發環境、設計使用者界面、為不同設備開發並優化整個應用程式開發流程,從設計到發布。本書全面更新,包括對最有用的新Android工具和實用程序的廣泛涵蓋。它新增了一個全新的章節,介紹了規劃令人驚艷的Android應用程式使用者體驗的技巧,以及對單元測試、對話框、偏好設定和應用程式發布的廣泛新內容。整本書通過清晰、最新的示例代碼教授關鍵概念。

- 完全更新的對最新Android 4.3 API、工具、實用程序和最佳實踐的介紹
- 利用新的Android功能並保持兼容性的最新策略
- 提供更直觀使用者體驗的導航模式和代碼示例
- 基於示例的ActionBars、DialogFragments和其他關鍵概念的解釋
- 專家自動化測試技術,快速提高代碼質量
- 新的Google Play開發者控制台應用程式發布技術,同時提供更多控制權


注意:這個重新修訂並更名的版本是《Android™ Wireless Application Development, Volume I: Android Essentials, Third Edition》的完全更新。