Android Wireless Application Development Volume I: Android Essentials, 3/e (Paperback)

Lauren Darcey, Shane Conder



Android Wireless Application Development has earned a reputation as the most useful real-world guide to building robust, commercial-grade Android apps. Now, authors Lauren Darcey and Shane Conder have systematically revised and updated this guide for the latest Android SDK 4.0. To accommodate their extensive new coverage, they’ve split the book into two volumes. Volume I focuses on Android essentials, including setting up your development environment, understanding the application lifecycle, designing effective user interfaces, developing for diverse devices, and optimizing your mobile app development process--from design through publishing. Every chapter has been thoroughly updated for the newest APIs, tools, utilities, and hardware. All sample code has been overhauled and tested on leading devices from multiple companies, and many new examples have been added. Drawing on decades of in-the-trenches experience as professional mobile developers, Darcey and Conder provide valuable new best practices--including powerful techniques for constructing more portable apps. This new edition contains full chapters on Android manifest files, content providers, effective app design, and testing; an all-new chapter on tackling compatibility issues; coverage of today’s most valuable new Android tools and utilities; and even more exclusive tips and tricks. An indispensable resource for every Android development team member.



《Android無線應用開發》已經贏得了建立堅固、商業級Android應用程式的最有用的實用指南的聲譽。現在,作者Lauren Darcey和Shane Conder已經系統地修訂和更新了這本指南,以適應最新的Android SDK 4.0。為了容納他們廣泛的新內容,他們將這本書分為兩卷。第一卷專注於Android的基本知識,包括設置開發環境、了解應用生命週期、設計有效的用戶界面、開發多種設備的應用程式,以及優化移動應用程式開發流程-從設計到發布。每一章都已經為最新的API、工具、實用程序和硬體進行了全面的更新。所有示例代碼都經過了全面的改進和在多家公司的領先設備上進行了測試,並添加了許多新的示例。Darcey和Conder根據多年作為專業移動開發人員的實戰經驗,提供了有價值的新最佳實踐,包括構建更具可移植性應用程式的強大技術。這個新版本包含了關於Android清單文件、內容提供者、有效的應用程式設計和測試的完整章節;一個全新的章節關於解決兼容性問題;涵蓋了當今最有價值的新Android工具和實用程序;還有更多獨家的技巧和訣竅。對於每個Android開發團隊成員來說,這是一個不可或缺的資源。