Android Wireless Application Development, 2/e (Paperback)

Shane Conder, Lauren Darcey



Android™ Wireless Application Development  Second Edition


Lauren Darcey

Shane Conder


The start-to-finish guide to Android application development: massively updated for the newest SDKs and developer techniques!


This book delivers all the up-to-date information, tested code, and best practices you need to create and market successful mobile apps with the latest versions of Android. Drawing on their extensive experience with mobile and wireless development, Lauren Darcey and Shane Conder cover every step: concept, design, coding, testing, packaging, and delivery. The authors introduce the Android platform, explain the principles of effective Android application design, and present today’s best practices for crafting effective user interfaces. Next, they offer detailed coverage of each key Android API, including data storage, networking, telephony, location-based services, multimedia, 3D graphics, and hardware.


Every chapter of this edition has been updated for the newest Android SDKs, tools, utilities, and hardware. All sample code has been overhauled and tested on leading devices from multiple companies, including HTC, Motorola, and ARCHOS. Many new examples have been added, including complete new applications. This new edition also adds


  • Nine new chapters covering web APIs, the Android NDK, extending application reach, managing users, data synchronization, backups, advanced user input, and more
  • Greatly expanded coverage of Android manifest files, content providers, app design, and testing
  • New coverage of hot topics like Bluetooth, gestures, voice recognition, App Widgets, live folders, live wallpapers, and global search
  • Updated 3D graphics programming coverage reflecting OpenGL ES 2.0
  • An all-new chapter on tackling cross-device compatibility issues, from designing for the smallest phones to the big new tablets hitting the market
  • Even more tips and tricks to help you design, develop, and test applications for different devices
  • A new appendix full of Eclipse tips and tricks


This book is an indispensable resource for every member of the Android development team: software developers with all levels of mobile experience, team leaders and project managers, testers and QA specialists, software architects, and even marketers.




Android™無線應用程式開發 第二版

Lauren Darcey
Shane Conder

這本書是一本從頭到尾的Android應用程式開發指南,針對最新的SDK和開發技術進行了大量更新!本書提供了所有最新的資訊、經過測試的程式碼和最佳實踐,讓您能夠使用最新版本的Android創建和推廣成功的行動應用程式。作者Lauren Darcey和Shane Conder憑藉他們在行動和無線開發方面的豐富經驗,涵蓋了每個步驟:概念、設計、編碼、測試、打包和交付。作者介紹了Android平台,解釋了有效的Android應用程式設計原則,並提出了當今製作有效用戶界面的最佳實踐。接下來,他們詳細介紹了每個關鍵的Android API,包括數據存儲、網絡、電話、基於位置的服務、多媒體、3D圖形和硬體。

本版的每一章都已更新至最新的Android SDK、工具、實用程式和硬體。所有示範程式碼都經過改進並在多家領先公司的主要設備上進行了測試,包括HTC、Motorola和ARCHOS。增加了許多新的示例,包括全新的應用程式。這個新版還新增了:

- 九個新章節,涵蓋網絡API、Android NDK、擴展應用程式範圍、使用者管理、數據同步、備份、高級用戶輸入等
- 大幅擴展了對Android清單檔案、內容提供者、應用程式設計和測試的涵蓋範圍
- 新增了諸如藍牙、手勢、語音識別、應用程式小工具、即時資料夾、即時桌布和全局搜索等熱門話題的涵蓋範圍
- 更新了3D圖形編程的涵蓋範圍,反映了OpenGL ES 2.0
- 全新的一章,介紹如何應對跨設備兼容性問題,從設計最小的手機到市場上的大型新平板電腦
- 更多的技巧和訣竅,幫助您為不同的設備設計、開發和測試應用程式
- 一個全新的附錄,充滿了Eclipse的技巧和訣竅