Security and Telecommunications Networks (Advances in Information Security)

Patrick Traynor, Patrick McDaniel, Thomas La Porta



Ad-hoc networks are dynamic collections of self-organizing mobile wireless nodes with links that are changing in an unpredictable way. This professional reference work investigates the security aspects of ad-hoc networks.

The lack of any formal model for such networks has resulted in uncoordinated research, which in many cases leads to confusing or heuristic requirements, and to routing protocols whose security can only be established in very restrictive environments. Security Issues in Ad-Hoc Networks shows that it is possible to achieve secure communication in ad hoc networks in a strong security model using appropriate cryptographic mechanisms, and by exploiting particular aspects of wireless communication.

Security Issues in Ad-Hoc Networks is designed for practitioners and researchers in industry, as well as for advanced-level students in computer science and electrical engineering.