QoS and QoE Management in UMTS Cellular Systems

David Soldani, Man Li, Renaud Cuny




This comprehensive volume provides state-of-the art guidance on Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of end-user Experience (QoE) management in UMTS cellular systems, tackling planning, provisioning, monitoring and optimisation issues in a single accessible resource. In addition, a detailed discussion is provided on service applications, QoS concept, architecture and functions in access, packet & circuit switched core and backbone networks.
  • Defines and explains the differences between QoS and QoE, and end-to-end concept, based on the premise that it is the end-user who is the ultimate beneficiary of QoS.
  • Covers QoS and QoE issues related to present and forthcoming service applications, including multimedia messaging service (MMS), Video Sharing (VS), content download, business connectivity, Push to talk over Cellular (PoC), Voice over IP (VoIP), presence, instant messaging, gaming, streaming and browsing.
  • Presents QoS concepts and architecture as defined in 3GPP Releases 97/98, 99, 5, 6, and 7, and provides a comprehensive description of protocols and packet data transfer across WCDMA evolved and (E)GPRS networks.
  • Discusses service driven radio network planning aspects for (E)GPRS and WCDMA.
  • Includes three detailed chapters covering concepts, means and methods for QoS provisioning, QoS & QoE performance monitoring and optimisation.

This book is aimed at operators, vendors, deployers, consultants and managers specialising in the research, development, implementation, marketing and sales of products and tools for QoS and QoE management in UMTS networks. It will also be of interest to postgraduate students and researchers in the field of telecommunications and specialising in UMTS QoS and QoE principles and practices.


Table of Contents




1. Introduction (Noman Muhammad, Davide Chiavelli, David Soldani and Man Li).

1.1 QoE value chain.

1.2 QoS and QoE.

1.3 QoE and QoS management.

1.4 Organisation of the book.

2. Mobile Service Applications and Performance in UMTS (Renaud Cuny, Man Li and Martin Kristensson).

2.1 CS service applications.

2.2 Packet-switched service applications.

2.3 PS service performance in UMTS.

3. QoS in 3GPP Releases 97/98, 99, 5, 6 and 7 (Anna Sillanpa¨a¨ and David Soldani).

3.1 Where does QoS come from?

3.2 QoS concept and architecture.

4. Packet Data Transfer in UMTS Cellular Networks (David Soldani and Paolo Zanier).

4.1 Packet data transfer across EGPRS networks.

4.2 Packet data transfer across WCDMAnetworks.

4.3 Introduction to high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA).

4.4 Introduction to high-speed uplink packet access (HSUPA).

5. QoS Functions in Access Networks (David Soldani, Paolo Zanier, Uwe Schwarz, Jaroslav Uher, Svetlana Chemiakina, Sandro Grech, Massimo Barazzetta and Mariagrazia Squeo).

5.1 QoS management functions in GERAnetworks.

5.2 QoS management functions in UTRAnetworks.

5.3 HSDPAwi th QoS differentiation.

5.4 HSUPAwi th QoS differentiation.

5.5 Service performance in UTRA-GERA networks.

5.6 3GPP–WLAN inter-working.

6. QoS Functions in Core and Backbone Networks (Renaud Cuny, Heikki Almay, Luis Alberto Pen˜a Sierra and Jani Lakkakorpi).

6.1 Circuit-switched QoS.

6.2 Packet-switched core QoS.

6.3 Backbone QoS.

7. Service and QoS Aspects in Radio Network Dimensioning and Planning (David Soldani, Carolina Rodriguez and Paolo Zanier).

7.1 WCDMAradio dimensioning and planning.

7.2 High-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) dimensioning.

7.3 (E)GPRS dimensioning.

8. QoS Provisioning  (David Soldani, Man Li and Jaana Laiho).

8.1 Hierarchy in QoS management.

8.2 Radio, core and transport QoS provisioning.

8.3 Service and mobile terminal QoS provisioning.

8.4 QoS provisioning tools.

8.5 Example of complete service management solution for NMS.

9. QoE and QoS Monitoring  (David Soldani, Davide Chiavelli, Jaana Laiho, Man Li, Noman Muhammad, Giovanni Giambiasi and Carolina Rodriquez).

9.1 QoE and QoS assurance concept.

9.2 QoE monitoring framework.

9.3 QoS monitoring framework.

9.4 Post-processing and statistical methods.

9.5 Mapping between QoE and QoS performance.

9.6 QoE and QoS monitoring tools.

9.7 Example of complete service assurance solution for NMS.

10. Optimisation (David Soldani, Giovanni Giambiasi, Kimmo Valkealahti, Mikko Kylva¨ja¨, Massimo Barazzetta, Mariagrazia Squeo, Jaroslav Uher, Luca Allegri and Jaana Laiho).

10.1 Service optimisation concept and architecture.

10.1.1 Conceptual breakdown of service and QoS management.

10.2 QoS optimisation in GERAnetworks.

10.3 QoS optimisation in UTRAnetworks.

10.4 QoS optimisation in core and backbone networks.

10.5 Service application performance improvement.





- 解釋了QoS和QoE之間的差異,以及基於終端用戶是QoS的最終受益者的前提下的端到端概念。
- 討論了與現有和即將推出的服務應用相關的QoS和QoE問題,包括多媒體消息服務(MMS)、視頻共享(VS)、內容下載、商業連接性、基於蜂窩的即時對講(PoC)、互聯網語音(VoIP)、在線狀態、即時消息、遊戲、流媒體和瀏覽。
- 提供了3GPP 97/98、99、5、6和7版本中定義的QoS概念和架構的詳細描述,並全面介紹了在WCDMA演進和(E)GPRS網絡中的協議和分組數據傳輸。
- 討論了(E)GPRS和WCDMA的服務驅動無線網絡規劃方面的問題。
- 包括三個詳細章節,介紹了QoS配置、QoS和QoE性能監控和優化的概念、方法和手段。

這本書針對在UMTS網絡中進行QoS和QoE管理的運營商、供應商、部署者、顧問和經理,以及專注於UMTS QoS和QoE原則和實踐的研究生和研究人員。