Windows XP Visual Encyclopedia

Kate J. Chase, Jim Boyce

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  • 出版日期: 2006-05-08
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If you prefer to see what things look like and how to perform a task, instead of just being told, this is your ideal A to Z reference. Part I shows every Windows(r) XP tool and how to use it. Part II provides step-by-step instructions for more than 160 key tasks and techniques. Both are arranged alphabetically and illustrated in full color. It's the ultimate Visual resource-you'll see!
* Each tool and technique illustrated in full color
* Alphabetical listings for easy reference
* Step-by-step instructions for performing dozens of tasks
* A comprehensive guide for visual learners

A Visual guide to
* Using each of the Windows XP Wizards
* Backing up your files automatically
* Managing user and administrator accounts
* Configuring your computer's IP address
* Creating and managing Media Player playlists
* Securing your system on and offline



Table of Contents

About the Authors.




Part I: Tools.


Accessibility Wizard.

Add Hardware Wizard.

Add Network Place Wizard.

Add or Remove Programs.

Add Printer Wizard.

Address Bar.

Address Book.

Automatic Updates.






CD Writing Wizard.

Client for Microsoft Networks.

Client Service for NetWare.

Command Prompt.

Compatibility Wizard.

Computer Management MMC Snap-In.

Content Advisor.

Control Panel.


Date and Time.

Desktop Cleanup Wizard.

Device Manager.

Disk Cleanup Wizard.

Disk Defragmenter.

Dr. Watson.


Event Viewer.


Fax Configuration Wizard.

Fax Console.

Files and Settings Transfer Wizard.


Forgotten Password Wizard.

Found New Hardware Wizard.


Group Policy Snap-In.

Guest Account.


Help and Support Center.


Language Options.

Local Security Policy.



Media Library.

Media Player.

Messenger Service.


Movie Maker.

My Computer Folder.

My Documents Folder.

My Downloads Folder.

My Network Places Folder.

My Pictures Folder.

My Recent Documents.



Network Identification Wizard.

Network Setup Wizard.

New Connection Wizard.



On-Screen Keyboard.

Open Dialog Box.


Performance Monitor.

Phone and Modem Options.

Photo Printing Wizard.

Printers and Faxes.


Recovery Console.

Recycle Bin.

Regional and Language Options.

Registry Editor.

Remote Assistance.

Remote Desktop Connection.


Save Dialog Box.

Scanner and Camera Wizard.

Scheduled Tasks Folder.

Screen Savers.

Search Companion.

Security Center.


Services MMC Snap-In.

Shared Documents Folder.

Shared Pictures Folder.


Sounds and Audio Devices.



System Information.

System Restore.


Task Manager.





Web Publishing Wizard.

Windows Explorer.

Windows Firewall.

Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.

Wireless Network Setup Wizard.


Part II: Techniques.


Accessibility Options, Set Up Features without the Wizard.

Accessibility Wizard, Configure Usability Features.

Accounts, Access the Administrator Account.

Activation, Activate and Register Windows.

Active Desktop, Add Dynamic Content to the Desktop.

Add Hardware Wizard, Add Unrecognized Hardware to the Computer.

Add Network Place Wizard, Add Online Network Storage to the Computer.

Add Printer Wizard, Add a Printer to the Computer.

Add or Remove Programs, Install Additional Windows Components.

Add or Remove Programs, Uninstall Software.

Address Bar, Open Local Resources.

Address Book, Import and Export Entries.

Address Book, Manage Contacts.

All Programs, Locate and Launch Programs.

Audio, Review Sound Options.

Automatic Updates, Configure Automatic Updates.

AutoRun, Disable AutoRun for CD/DVD Drives.


Background, Set the Desktop Background.

Background, Use a Digital Photo as a Desktop Background.

Backup, Make Backups Automatic.


CD Writing Wizard, Create CDs from Windows.

Classic Start Menu, Switch to the Classic Start Menu.

Clipboard, Copy Material Between Programs.

Clipboard, Take a Screenshot.

Command Prompt, Access Help with Commands.

Command Prompt, Run Commands.

Computer Name, Identify and Change the Computer Name.

Content Advisor, Enable Parental Controls.


Date and Time, Change Your Time and Time Zone.

Date and Time, Set System Date and Time Properties and Synchronize.

Device Manager, Access Device Driver Information.

Device Manager, Recognize Problems.

Device Manager, Remove a Device or Driver.

Device Manager, Roll Back a Driver.

Device Manager, Troubleshoot Issues.

Device Manager, Update Device Drivers.

Disk Cleanup, Manage Hard Disk Space.

Disk Defragmenter, Defragment a Drive.

Display Properties, Configure Display Properties.

Drive Letters, View and Change Drive Letter Assignments.


Edit, Cut, Copy, and Paste.

Emergency Boot Disk, Boot Your Computer with a Boot Disk.

Emergency Boot Disk, Create an Emergency Boot Disk.

Encrypting File System, Enable Encrypted Files and Folders.

Events, Review Events in Event Manager.


Fast User Switching, Enable Fast User Switching.

Fast User Switching, Use Fast User Switching.

Fax, Send a Fax.

File and Folder Management, Find Default Folders.

File and Folder Management, Modify Default Folders.

File and Folder Management, Move Files and Folders in My Computer.

File and Folder Management, Move Files and Folders in Windows Explorer.

File and Folder Management, View and Set File and Folder Properties.

File and Folder Sharing, Set Sharing Properties and Share a Folder.

File Extensions and Types, Set File Associates.

File Properties, View and Set File and Folder Attributes.

Folder Options, Set General Folder Options.

Folders, Copy a Folder.

Folders, Create a Folder.

Fonts, Manage Installed Fonts.

Format, Format a Disk.

FTP, Use FTP from the Command Console for File Transfer.

FTP, Use FTP in Internet Explorer.


General properties, View General Properties for the Computer.

Groups, Create Groups.


Help and Support Center, Access Help and Other Information for Windows.


Icons, Set Icon Size and Spacing.

Import/Export, Import and Export Favorites in Internet Explorer.

Internet Options, Configure Options in Internet Explorer.

Internet Printing Protocol, Use the IPP to Print to a Remote Printer.

IP Addresses, Configure a Computer IP Address.

IPconfig, View and Manage TCP/IP Settings from the Command Console.


Keyboard, Configure Keyboard Settings.


Local Area Connections, Change Connection Settings.

Local Area Connections, Check and Repair Network Connections.

Local Area Connections, Configure Network Connections.

Logon, Change the Way Users Log On or Log Off.


Map Network Drive, Identify Network Drives.

Media Player, Record a Music CD.

Media Player, Set Up Your Media Library.

Movie Maker, Start a Simple Movie.

My Recent Documents, Configure and Clear My Recent Documents List.


Network Connections, Manage Network Connections.

Network Identification Wizard, Add a Computer to a Network Domain.

Network Setup Wizard, Configure a Small Network.

New Partition Wizard, Create a New Disk Partition.


.NET Passport Wizard, Add a Passport to an Account.


Offline Files, Configure Offline Files.

Offline Files, Synchronize Offline Files.

Open With Command, Open a File in a Different Program.


Passwords, Change a User Password.

PATH, Set the System Path.

Power, Save Energy through Power Settings.

Program Compatibility Wizard, Enable Older Programs to Run.


Quick Launch Bar, Add and Remove Programs on the Quick Launch Bar.

Quick Launch Bar, Customize and Use the Quick Launch Bar.

Quick Launch Bar, Remove the Quick Launch Bar.


Recovery Console, Use Recovery Console.

Recycle Bin, Empty the Recycle Bin.

Recycle Bin, Restore an Accidentally Deleted File from the Recycle Bin.

Regional and Language Options, Add a Language to Windows XP.

Regional and Language Options, Change Data Format.

Rename Files, Change the Name of a Closed File.

Remote Desktop Connection, Configure Remote Desktop Connection.


Safe Mode, Boot the Computer in Safe Mode.

Safe Mode, Recover a Previous System Restore Point.

Scheduled Tasks Wizard, Automate Your Tasks.

Screen Saver, Set Up a Screen Saver.

Search Companion, Locate Files with Search Companion.

Security, Secure Accounts.

Security, Secure Your System.

Security Zones, Customize Privacy Settings for All Web Sites in Internet Explorer.

Security Zones, Manage Security Settings for Zones in Internet Explorer.

Send To, Simplify Common Tasks for Files and Printing.

Share a Printer, Share a Printer on the Network.

Shortcuts, Create and Manage Shortcuts.

Standby, Suspend and Restore the System to Save Power.

Start Menu, Customize the Start Menu.

Startup Folder, Control which Programs Start Automatically.

Stickykeys, Configure StickyKeys for Accessibility.

System Files, Locate and View System Files.

System Restore, Create a System Restore Point.

System Restore, Roll Back/Recover with a System Restore Point.

System State Data, Back Up Your System State Data.

System State Data, Restore from Your System State Data Backup.


Task Manager, Work with Task Manager.

Taskbar, Customize the Taskbar.

Telnet Client, Connect to a Telnet Server.

Temp Folder, Locate and Manage the Temporary Files Folder.

Temporary Internet Files, Clean the Internet Files Cache.

Themes, Add a Desktop Theme.

Thumbnails, Configure Folders to Display Thumbnails.

Troubleshoot, Use Troubleshooting Wizards.

TrueType Fonts, Add a TrueType Font.


User Accounts, Check for Administrator Account Status.

User Accounts, Create a New User Account.

User Accounts, Manage User Accounts.

User Profiles, Create and Manage User Profiles.

Utility Manager, Manage Accessibility Features.


Virtual Private Networking, Create a VPN Connection.

Volume Control, Control Audio Volume in Windows.


Web Publishing Wizard, Publish Files to a Web Server.

Windows Classic Folders, Configure Windows for Classic Folder Interface.

Windows Firewall, Configure Windows Firewall.

Windows Firewall, Manage Exceptions.

Windows Firewall, Temporarily Disable Windows Firewall.

Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, Print a Photo.

Windows Update, Check for Updates Now.

Windows Update, Remove a Potential Problem Update.

Wireless Network Setup Wizard, Run the Wireless Network Setup Wizard.

Wordpad, Save a Document.


ZIP files, Use Compressed Archives in Windows.