Emerging Methods, Technologies and Process Management in Software Engineering

Andrea De Lucia, Filomena Ferrucci, Genny Tortora, Maurizio Tucci

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A high-level introduction to new technologies andmethods in the field of software engineering

Recent years have witnessed rapid evolution of software engineering methodologies, and until now, there has been no single-source introduction to emerging technologies in the field. Written by a panel of experts and divided into four clear parts, Emerging Methods, Technologies, and Process Management in SoftwareEngineering covers:

  • Software Architectures – Evolution of software composition mechanisms; compositionality in software product lines; and teaching design patterns

  • Emerging Methods – The impact of agent-oriented software engineering in service-oriented computing; testing object-oriented software; the UML and formal methods; and modern Web application development

  • Technologies for Software Evolution – Migrating to Web services and software evolution analysis and visualization

  • Process Management – Empirical experimentation in software engineering and foundations of agile methods

Emerging Methods, Technologies, and Process Management in Software Engineering is a one-stop resource for software engineering practitioners and professionals, and also serves as an ideal textbook for undergraduate and graduate students alike.