Fundamentals of Computer Organization and Design (Hardcover)

Sivarama P. Dandamudi

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  • 出版日期: 2003-01-14
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 038795211X
  • ISBN-13: 9780387952116
  • 相關分類: Computer-architecture
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This advanced textbook provides a comprehensive survey of hardware and software architectural principles and methods of computer systems organization and design. It covers both CISC and RISC processors in detail, presenting Pentium, PowerPC, MIPS, SPARC and Itanium.

In addition, assembly language programming for both CISC (Pentium) and RISC (MIPS) processors is covered in detail. Numerous assembly language code examples are included to give hands-on experience to students. These examples are not code fragments, but completely working programs that the students can run when they download the free assemblers.

Topics and features:
* Detailed discussion of digital logic and memory design
* Concepts are related to practical designs and implementations
* Presentation of material is suitable for self-study
* Extensive examples and figures are used to help students grasp the concepts
* Large number of end-of-chapter exercises will reinforce the concepts discussed in the chapter
* Free assembler information for students to download from book website
* Each chapter begins with an overview and ends with a summary.


* Overview of computer organization * Digital logic basics * Combinational circuits * Sequential logic circuits * System buses * Processor organization and performance * Pentium processor * Pipelining and vector processing * Overview of Assembly language * Procedures and the Stack * Addressing modes * Selected Pentium instructions * High-level language interface * RISC processors * MIPS Assembly language * Memory system design * Cache memory * Virtual memory * Input/output organization * Interrupts * APPENDIXES: Computer arithmetic; character representation; assembling and linking Assembly language programs; debugging Assembly language programs; running Pentium Assembly language programs on a Linux system; digital logic simulators; SPIM simulator and debugger; the SPARC architecture; Pentium instruction set




- 對數字邏輯和記憶體設計的詳細討論
- 將概念與實際設計和實現相關聯
- 提供適合自學的材料呈現方式
- 使用大量的示例和圖片幫助學生理解概念
- 大量章末練習題強化章節中討論的概念
- 學生可以從書籍網站上下載免費的組合語言編譯器信息
- 每章開始時都有概述,結束時有總結。

- 計算機組織概述
- 數字邏輯基礎
- 組合電路
- 串行邏輯電路
- 系統匯流排
- 處理器組織和性能
- Pentium處理器
- 流水線和向量處理
- 組合語言概述
- 過程和堆疊
- 定址模式
- 選定的Pentium指令
- 高級語言接口
- RISC處理器
- MIPS組合語言
- 記憶體系統設計
- 快取記憶體
- 虛擬記憶體
- 輸入/輸出組織
- 中斷
- 附錄:計算機算術;字符表示;組合語言程序的組合和鏈接;組合語言程序的調試;在Linux系統上運行Pentium組合語言程序;數字邏輯模擬器;SPIM模擬器和調試器;SPARC架構;Pentium指令集。