Robot Modeling and Control (Hardcover)

Mark W. Spong, Seth Hutchinson, M. Vidyasagar





The field of robotics is rapidly expanding with renewed interest in industrial and commercial applications such as robot vacuums and space explorers. Incorporating the current state of research and development, this unique book arms readers with a broad understanding of the fundamentals. It provides them with in-depth information on such areas as velocity kinematics, path and trajectory planning, independent joint control, forced control, and vision-based control.




Table of Contents:


1. Introduction.

2. Rigid Motions and Homogeneous Transformations.

3. Forward and Inverse Kinematics.

4. Velocity Kinematics-The Jacobian.

5. Path and Trajectory Planning.

6. Independent Joint Control.

7. Dynamics.

8. Multivariable Control.

9. Force Control.

10. Geometric Nonlinear Control.

11. Computer Vision.

12. Vision-Based Control.

Appendix A: Trigonometry.

Appendix B: Linear Algebra.

Appendix C: State Space Representation of Dynamical Systems.

Appendix D: Lyapunov Stability.