Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (Paperback)

Carl W. Wilmsen, Henryk Temkin, Larry A. Coldren



One of the key advances in photonic technology in recent years is the development of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, or VCSELs. These devices have a huge range of potential applications in areas such as communications, printing, and optical switching. This book provides a clear insight into the physics of VCSELs, as well as describing details of their fabrication and applications. All of the books contributors are at the forefront of VCSEL research and development. Together they provide complete and coherent coverage of the current state-of-the-art. The opening chapters cover VCSEL design, emission from microcavities, growth, fabrication, and characterization. These are followed by chapters on long and short-wavelength VCSELs, optical data links, and free space optical processing. The book will be of great interest to graduate students and researchers in electrical engineering, applied physics, and materials science. It will also be an excellent reference volume for practising engineers in the photonics industry.


1. Introduction to VCSELs L. A. Coldren, C. W. Wilmsen and H. Temkin
2. Fundamental issues in VCSEL design L. A. Coldren and Eric R. Hegblom
3. Enhancement of spontaneous emission in microcavities E. F. Schubert and N. E. J. Hunt
4. Epitaxy of vertical-cavity lasers R. P. Schneider Jr and Y. H. Young
5. Fabrication and performance of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers Kent D. Choquette and Kent Geib
6. Polarization related properties of vertical cavity lasers Dmitri Kuksenkov and Henryk Temkin
7. Visible light emitting vertical cavity lasers Robert L. Thornton
8. Long-wavelength vertical-cavity lasers Dubrakovo I. Babic, Joachim Piprek and John E. Bowers
9. Overview of VCSEL applications Richard C. Williamson
10. Optical interconnection applications and required characteristics Kenichi Kasahara
11. VCSEL-based fiber-optic data communications Kenneth Hahn and Kirk Giboney
12. VCSEL-based smart pixels for free space optoelectronic processing C. W. Wilmsen.


近年來,光子技術的一項重要進展是垂直共振腔面射型雷射(Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers,簡稱VCSELs)的發展。這些裝置在通訊、印刷和光學開關等領域具有廣泛的應用潛力。本書清晰地介紹了VCSELs的物理原理,並描述了它們的製造和應用細節。所有作者都是VCSEL研究和開發的領先者。他們共同提供了對當前最先進技術的全面和連貫的介紹。開頭章節介紹了VCSEL的設計、微腔發射、生長、製造和表徵。接下來的章節涵蓋了長波長和短波長VCSEL、光學數據連接和自由空間光學處理。本書對電氣工程、應用物理和材料科學的研究生和研究人員非常有興趣。對光子學行業的實踐工程師來說,本書也是一本優秀的參考書。

1. VCSELs簡介 - L. A. Coldren, C. W. Wilmsen和H. Temkin
2. VCSEL設計的基本問題 - L. A. Coldren和Eric R. Hegblom
3. 微腔中的自發輻射增強 - E. F. Schubert和N. E. J. Hunt
4. 垂直共振腔雷射的外延生長 - R. P. Schneider Jr和Y. H. Young
5. 垂直共振腔面射型雷射的製造和性能 - Kent D. Choquette和Kent Geib
6. 垂直共振腔雷射的偏振相關特性 - Dmitri Kuksenkov和Henryk Temkin
7. 可見光發射的垂直共振腔雷射 - Robert L. Thornton
8. 長波長垂直共振腔雷射 - Dubrakovo I. Babic, Joachim Piprek和John E. Bowers
9. VCSEL應用概述 - Richard C. Williamson
10. 光學互連應用和所需特性 - Kenichi Kasahara
11. 基於VCSEL的光纖數據通信 - Kenneth Hahn和Kirk Giboney
12. 基於VCSEL的自由空間光電處理智能像素 - C. W. Wilmsen.