Enterprise Services: Architecture (Paperback)

Dan Woods



Enterprise Services Architecture outlines a disciplined and structured approach to understanding how today's enterprise applications will make use of web services. This book, aimed at senior management and IT professionals, presents a forward-looking architecture that can meet future development challenges with ease and agility. This book was commissioned by SAP and will be used by SAP to promote their products. We're making it available through our retailers because we believe the information in it is of interest to readers outside of SAP's immediate sphere.

Table of Contents



1. Concepts and Philosophy 

     Components in Lean Manufacturing  

     Standards Are Vital  

     The Business Drivers for Flexibility  

     Trends Increasing the Demand for Enterprise Services Architecture  

     Transforming the Architecture  

     The Evolution of IT Architecture  

     Inside Enterprise Services Architecture  

     The Core Values of Enterprise Services Architecture  

     The Business Value of Enterprise Services Architecture

     An Industry Grows Up  

2. In Practice 

     Supply Chain Automation and an International Footwear Company  

     Manufacturing Plant Maintenance  

     Auction Marketplace Integration  

     Application Enablement, Simplification, and Aggregation at a High-Tech Manufacturer  

     Advanced Portal Implementation at an International Chemicals Manufacturer  

3. Making the Business Case 

     The Case for Enterprise Services Architecture  

     The Case Against Enterprise Services Architecture  

4. Anatomy 

     Enterprise Services Architecture as a Process  

     Enterprise Services Architecture as an End-State  

     Enterprise Services Architecture Compliance Levels  

     How Abstraction Creates Business Value  

5. The Platform 

     Component Ecosystem  

     Enterprise Applications in an Enterprise Services Architecture Platform  

     Platform Component Systems in an Enterprise Services Architecture Platform  

     Enterprise Services Architecture Platform Development Framework  

6. Applying Enterprise Services Architecture 

     Enterprise Services Architecture: Lean Manufacturing for IT  

     The Shape of an Enterprise Services Architecture Implementation  

     Assessing Your Starting Point  

     Architecture as a Prediction  

     Where Is Flexibility Needed?  

     Designing for Flexibility  

     Enterprise Services Architecture Skill-Building  

7. Creating a Road Map 

     Implementation Scenarios  

     Stages and Milestones  

     Implementation Problems  

     Learning from Experience  

     Organizational Support for Enterprise Services Architecture  

8. The Enterprise Value Chain 

     Technology Vendors  

     Information Technology Organization  

     Enterprise Identity  

9. Enterprise Services Architecture and Society 








1. 概念和理念 











2. 實踐中 






3. 商業案例 



4. 架構解析 





5. 平台 





6. 應用企業服務架構 








7. 創建路線圖