Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger (Paperback)

Dave Taylor

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  • 出版日期: 2005-06-12
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Beneath Mac OS X Tiger's easy-to-use Aqua interface lies a powerful Unix engine. Mac users know that Unix is at their fingertips, if only they knew how to access it. Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger provides Mac users with a user-friendly tour of the Unix world concealed beneath Mac OS X's hood and shows how to make the most use of the command-line tools.

Thoroughly revised and updated for Mac OS X Tiger, this new edition introduces Mac users to the Terminal application and shows you how to navigate the command interface, explore hundreds of Unix applications that come with the Mac, and, most importantly, how to take advantage of both the Mac and Unix interfaces. Readers will learn how to:

  • Launch and configure the Terminal application
  • Customize the shell environment
  • Manage files and directories
  • Search with Spotlight from the command line
  • Edit and create text files with vi and Pico
  • Perform remote logins
  • Access internet functions, and much more

Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger is a clear, concise introduction to what you need to know to learn the basics of Unix on Tiger. If you want to master the command-line, this gentle guide to using Unix on Mac OS X Tiger is well worth its cover price.


Table of Contents:


1. Why Use Unix?

     The Power of Unix

     Thousands of Free Applications

     Power Internet Connections

     A Simple Guided (Unix) Tour

     The 10 Most Common Unix Commands

2. Using the Terminal

     Launching the Terminal

     Customizing Your Terminal Session
     Working with the Terminal

     Customizing the Shell Environment

     Advanced Shell Customization

     The Unresponsive Terminal

3. Exploring the Filesystem

     The Mac OS X Filesystem

     Listing Files and Directories

     Protecting and Sharing Files

     Changing Your Password

     Superuser Privileges with sudo

     Exploring External Volumes

4. File Management

     File and Directory Names

     File and Directory Wildcards

     Looking Inside Files


     Creating and Editing Files

     Managing Files

5. Finding Files and Information

     The Oddly Named grep Command

     Finding Files with locate

     Using Find to Explore Your Filesystem

     Shining a Light on Spotlight

6. Redirecting I/O

     Standard Input and Standard Output

     Pipes and Filters


7. Multitasking

     Running a Command in the Background

     Checking on a Process

     Canceling a Process

     Launching GUI Applications

8. Taking Unix Online

     Remote Logins

     Transferring Files


9. Of Windows and X11


     X11 and the Internet

10. Open Source Software Via Fink

     Installing Fink

     Using FinkCommander

     Some Picks

11. Where to Go from Here


     Customizing your Unix Experience



在Mac OS X Tiger易於使用的Aqua界面下,藏著一個強大的Unix引擎。Mac用戶知道Unix就在他們的指尖,只要他們知道如何訪問它。《學習Unix for Mac OS X Tiger》為Mac用戶提供了一個友好的Unix世界之旅,揭示了Mac OS X引擎下隱藏的Unix世界,並展示如何充分利用命令行工具。經過全面修訂和更新,以適應Mac OS X Tiger,這本新版介紹了Terminal應用程序,並向您展示如何瀏覽命令界面,探索隨Mac附帶的數百個Unix應用程序,最重要的是,如何充分利用Mac和Unix界面。讀者將學習如何:
- 啟動和配置Terminal應用程序
- 自定義shell環境
- 管理文件和目錄
- 使用命令行從Spotlight搜索
- 使用vi和Pico編輯和創建文本文件
- 執行遠程登錄
- 訪問互聯網功能等等

《學習Unix for Mac OS X Tiger》是一本清晰、簡潔的介紹,讓您了解如何在Tiger上學習Unix的基礎知識。如果您想掌握命令行,這本對Mac OS X Tiger上的Unix使用的溫和指南絕對物超所值。

- 前言
- 第1章 為什麼使用Unix?
- 第2章 使用Terminal
- 第3章 探索文件系統
- 第4章 文件管理
- 第5章 查找文件和信息