Windows Xp Hacks, 2/e

Preston Gralla

  • 出版商: O'Reilly
  • 出版日期: 2005-04-01
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  • 貴賓價: 9.5$960
  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0596009186
  • ISBN-13: 9780596009182





A smart collection of insider tips and tricks, Windows XP Hacks, Second Edition covers the XP operating system from start to finish. Among the multitude of topics addressed, this must-have resource includes extensive coverage of hot-button issues such as:

  • security
  • web browsing
  • controlling the control panel
  • removing uninstallable XP components
  • pop-up ads

You'll also find timesaving hacks for file distribution; digital media, such as iTunes; and high-visibility web software, services, and exploits that have emerged since the book's last edition. Each hack in the book can be read easily in just a few minutes, saving countless hours of searching for the right answer.

Now completely revised and updated to cover Service Pack 2 (SP2), the second edition of this bestseller carefully breaks down the new features that come with SP2, including IE pop-up blocker, Windows Firewall, and the new wireless client.

Written by Preston Galla, the compact and affordable Windows XP Hacks, Second Edition provides direct, hands-on solutions that can be applied to the challenges facing XP beginners, as well as the more experienced power user. Each year, Windows XP is pre-installed on 90 million PCs worldwide, making it the world's most popular operating system.


Table of Contents:



Chapter 1. Startup and Shutdown 

      1. Customize Multiboot Startup Options  

      2. Change the Picture That Appears on the XP Startup Screen  

      3. Speed Up Boot and Shutdown Times  

      4. Halt Startup Programs and Services  

      5. Create Multiple Startup Profiles with Advanced Startup Manager  

      6. Miscellaneous Startup and Shutdown Hacks  

      7. Control User Logins by Hacking the Registry  

Chapter 2. The User Interface 

      8. Customize the GUI with Tweak UI  

      9. Control the Control Panel  

      10. Hack the Start Menu and Taskbar  

      11. Clean Up the Most Frequently Used Programs List  

      12. Rename and Change "Unchangeable" Desktop Icons and System Objects  

      13. Remove "Nonremovable" Desktop Icons  

      14. Hack Your Way Through the Interface  

      15. Remove "Uninstallable" XP Utilities  

      16. Make Your PC Work Like a Mac  

      17. Create Your Own XP Themes and Find Thousands Online  

      18. Give XP a Makeover with WindowBlinds  

      19. Make Your Own Cursors and Icons  

      20. Instant Linux  

Chapter 3. Windows Explorer 

      21. Generate Folder and File Listings for Printing or Editing  

      22. Control Windows Explorer with Command-Line Shortcuts  

      23. Empower Windows Explorer with PowerDesk Pro  

      24. Better File Rename  

      25. Find Files Faster by Mastering the Indexing Service's Query Language  

      26. Force Windows Explorer into True Usefulness  

      27. Customize Folder Icons and Balloon Text  

      28. A Power User's Hidden Weapon: Improve the Context Menu  

      29. Take Your Work on the Go with Offline Files and the Briefcase  

      30. Get More Hard-Disk Space by Using NTFS Compression  

      31. Put a Command-Line Prompt on Your Desktop  

Chapter 4. The Web 

      32. Give Internet Explorer a Face-Lift  

      33. Stop Pop Ups with SP2-and Without It  

      34. Kill Spyware and Web Bugs  

      35. Take a Bite Out of Cookies  

      36. Surf Anonymously Without a Trace  

      37. Don't Get Reeled In by Phishers  

      38. Read Web Pages Offline  

      39. Hack Internet Explorer with the Group Policy Editor  

      40. Speed Up File Downloads  

      41. Secrets of Web Site Hosting with Internet Information Services (IIS)  

      42. Surf the Internet Ad-Free  

      43. Hack Firefox  

      44. Build Your Own Firefox Search Engine  

      45. Google Your Desktop  

      46. Out-Google Google with MSN Desktop Search  

      47. Better Internet Searching from Your Desktop  

      48. Run Java Applets Without Crashes or Problems  

Chapter 5. Networking 

      49. Tweak DNS Settings for Faster Internet Access  

      50. Optimize Your Home Router  

      51. Troubleshoot Network Connections with ping, tracert, and pathping  

      52. Troubleshoot Network Connections with netsh, netstat, and ipconfig  

      53. Speed Up Network Browsing  

      54. Control Another PC with Remote Access  

      55. Make Servers Always Available by Mapping a Hostname to a Dynamic IP Address  

      56. Renew Your DHCP-Assigned IP Address  

      57. Repair a Broken TCP/IP Connection  

      58. VoIP Hacks  

Chapter 6. Email 

      59. Slam That Spam  

      60. Open Blocked File Attachments in Outlook and Outlook Express  

      61. Back Up and Restore Outlook and Outlook Express Datafiles  

      62. Retrieve Web-Based Email with Your Email Software  

      63. Gmail Hacks  

      64. Fire Outlook and Outlook Express  

Chapter 7. Wireless 

      65. Go War-Driving for WiFi Access  

      66. Extend the Range of Your Wireless Network  

      67. Check WiFi Network Performance with Qcheck to Help Improve Throughput  

      68. Protect Your Home WiFi Network  

      69. Enable WiFi Encryption  

      70. Stop Moochers from Stealing Your WiFi Bandwidth  

      71. Solve Hotspot Woes  

      72. Set Up Bluetooth on XP  

      73. Connect to the Internet with a Bluetooth Phone  

      74. Set Up an Ad Hoc WiFi Network  

Chapter 8. Security 

      75. Hide Folders and Files with the Encrypting File System  

      76. Test Your Security with Shields UP!  

      77. Protect Your Computer with the New Windows Firewall  

      78. ZoneAlarm: The World's Best Free Firewall  

      79. Use a Proxy Server to Protect Your PC  

      80. Punch an Escape Hole Through Your Firewall  

      81. Close Down Open Ports and Block Protocols  

      82. Set Up a Virtual Private Network  

Chapter 9. The Registry 

      83. Don't Fear the Registry  

      84. Hack Away at the Registry  

      85. Safely Edit the Registry Using .reg Files  

      86. Better Registry Backups  

      87. Track and Restore Registry Changes with RegSpy  

Chapter 10. Applications 

      88. Remove Unruly Applications and Uninstall Entries  

      89. Force XP-Incompatible Applications to Run  

      90. Force Older Programs to Use XP Common Controls  

      91. Launch Applications with Command-Line Shortcuts  

      92. Open and Create Microsoft Documents Without Microsoft Office  

      93. Stop Hidden Fields in Word from Stealing Your Files and Information  

      94. Speed Up Your Hard Disk by Improving Defragging  

      95. Extend Your Screen Real Estate with Virtual Desktops  

      96. Build a Better Backup Strategy  

      97. Go Beyond Messaging with Windows Messenger  

      98. Universal Messaging: Trillian Unites AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, and ICQ  

Chapter 11. Graphics and Multimedia 

      99. Image Conversion in a Pinch  

      100. Problem-Free CD Burning  

      101. Save Streaming Music to Your PC  

      102. Import Lyrics into iTunes and iPod  

      103. Convert from Apple iTunes Format  

      104. Use Ogg Vorbis for Digital Music  

      105. Hack Windows Media Player with TweakMP  

      106. Fix Windows Media Player's Privacy Problems  

      107. Make Videos with Windows Movie Maker  

Chapter 12. System Performance 

      108. Track System Performance with the Performance Console  

      109. Get the Most Out of Your RAM  

      110. More Power: Registry Hacks to Speed Up XP  

      111. Repair and Recover with the Recovery Console  

      112. Speed Up System Performance with the Task Manager  

      113. Hack Your Way to a Cleaner Hard Disk  

      114. Fix SP2 Upgrade Woes  

Chapter 13. Hardware 

      115. Troubleshoot Hardware by Decoding Device Manager Error Messages  

      116. Uncover Hidden Hardware with the Device Manager  

      117. Check Your PC's Pulse and Tweak It for Better Performance  

      118. Remap Your Keyboard  

      119. Use ClearType for Better Laptop and LCD Resolution  

      120. Networking on the Cheap: Set Up a Direct Cable Connection