FrontPage 2003: The Missing Manual

Jessica Mantaro

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In today's highly connected world, almost everybody has a web site, from local sewing circles to the world's largest corporations. If you're ready for one of your own, Microsoft's FrontPage 2003 has everything you need to create Web pages. It's true. Your geek friends may howl in contempt if you use FrontPage, but that's because the program has a reputation for spitting out cookie-cutter Web pages with messy, overloaded HTML code that takes forever to load. Not any more.

After listening to complaints, Microsoft has given FrontPage 2003 some pretty advanced features, including an HTML cleanup tool that helps alleviate bloated code, and new support for Macromedia Flash and XML. Now, savvy Web veterans can control as much of the process as they want, and even collaborate on a site with developers who use Dreamweaver, GoLive or other Web authoring tools. Yet, unlike those other tools, FrontPage 2003 still has automated features for beginners who don't know where to start.

There's still one flaw, though. Microsoft's idea of a user manual is a flimsy pamphlet. But that's easily solved. FrontPage 2003: The Missing Manual offers you everything from the basics to meaty sections on advanced tasks. Our book puts the program's features in context, with clear and thorough chapters that provide valuable shortcuts, workarounds, and just plain common sense, no matter where you weigh in on the technical scale. With it, you can learn to build simple Web pages, or sophisticated ones with tables and Cascading Style Sheets, and find out how to manage and publish a Web site. You'll also learn to create forms, work with databases, and integrate FrontPage with Microsoft Office.

If you haven't worked with Web pages before, each chapter provides "Up to Speed" sidebars with useful background information. If you do have experience, the "Power Users' Clinic" sidebars offer advanced tips and insights. You won't find tips like those in the pamphlet, or even in the Help file. FrontPage: The Missing Manual gives you the complete lowdown on the program above and beyond any book on the market.



Table of Contents:

The Missing Credits


Part One: Creating a Basic Web Page

Chapter 1. Building a Basic Web Site

     The Main FrontPage Window

     Creating a Simple Web Site

     Adding Content to Your Web Site

     Saving Your Work

     Viewing Your Site

Chapter 2. Working with Text

     Adding Text

     Selecting and Moving Text

     Formatting Characters

     Formatting Paragraphs

     Creating Lists

Chapter 3. Hyperlinks

     Understanding Hyperlinks

     Creating Hyperlinks

     Fine-Tuning Hyperlink Properties
     Adding Bookmarks

Chapter 4. Working with Images

     Image Files on the Web

     Adding Pictures

     Formatting Pictures

     Adding Videos and Flash Movies

     Saving Image Files

     Creating an Image Map

     Creating Thumbnails

     Adding a Photo Gallery

     Adding a Background Picture

Part Two: Improving Your Web Page

Chapter 5. Tables

     Tables 101

     Inserting a Table

     Formatting a Table

     Formatting Cells

     FrontPage Layout Tables

Chapter 6. Frames

     Deciding Whether to Use Frames

     Creating Frames and Framesets

     Editing Frameset Content

     Hyperlinking from Frames

     Creating Inline Frames

     Alternatives to Frames

Chapter 7. Cascading Style Sheets

     Styles: An Introduction

     Creating an External Style Sheet

     Creating Styles

     Applying Styles

     Understanding Style Behavior

Chapter 8. Layers

     Creating Layers

     Selecting Layers

     Resizing and Positioning Layers

     Modifying Layers

     Nesting Layers

Chapter 9. DHTML: Adding Interactivity

     DHTML Effects

     Creating Basic DHTML Effects

     Creating Behaviors

     Creating Actions

     Deleting and Editing Behaviors

     Tutorial: Creating a Cascading Menu

Part Three: Building and Managing a Web Site

Chapter 10. Creating and Structuring Your Web Site

     Where to Create Your Web Site

     Using Site Templates and Wizards

     Creating a Site Manually

     Creating a Site in Navigation View

     Planning Your Web Site's Structure

Chapter 11. Themes, Link Bars, and Templates

     FrontPage Themes

     Link Bars and Page Banners

     Included Content

     Shared Borders

     Creating a Page Template

     Dynamic Web Templates

Chapter 12. Testing Your Site

     Making a Good Impression



     Testing with Different Browsers

     Optimizing HTML

     FrontPage Reports: Monitoring a Site

     Testing Hyperlinks

Chapter 13. Publishing Your Site

     Things to Know Before You Publish

     Setting Publishing Preferences

     Publishing Your Site

     Authoring Modes

     Code Cleanup: Optimizing HTML

Chapter 14. Collaboration Tools

     Assigning Pages

     Document Control

     Assigning Tasks

Part Four: Forms and Databases

Chapter 15. Gathering Data with Forms

     How Forms Work

     Creating a Form Manually

     Validating Forms

     Saving Form Results

     Creating a Confirmation Page

     Letting FrontPage Create Your Form

Chapter 16. Working with Databases

     Letting Visitors Search Your Site

     Working with Databases

     Saving Form Results to a Database

     Adding a Database Connection

     The Database Results Wizard

     Tutorial: Filtering Database Results

Chapter 17. Interacting with a Database

     Creating a Database Interface

     Creating a Database Interface

     How Your Database Interface Pages Work

Part Five: FrontPage and Microsoft Office 2003

Chapter 18. Integrating FrontPage with Office Programs

     Importing Office Files "As Is"

     Moving from Word into FrontPage

     PowerPoint and FrontPage

     Working with Excel and FrontPage

     Displaying Excel Data

Part Six: Appendix

Appendix A. FrontPage 2003, Menu by Menu

     File Menu

     Edit Menu

     View Menu

     Insert Menu

     Format Menu

     Tools Menu

     Table Menu

     Data Menu

     Frames Menu

     Window Menu

     Help Menu