Microsoft Frontpage Version 2002 Inside Out

Microsoft Corporation

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  • 出版日期: 2001-05-12
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0735612846
  • ISBN-13: 9780735612846
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Conquer FrontPage—from the Inside Out!

Hey, you know your way around FrontPage®—so now dig into Version 2002 and really put the Web to work! This supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and handy workarounds in concise, fast-answer format—it’s all muscle and no fluff. Discover the best and fastest ways to perform everyday tasks, and challenge yourself to new levels of FrontPage mastery!

• Build on what you already know about FrontPage and quickly dive into what’s new
• Ace the mechanics—from planning to posting Web sites
• Use themes and cascading style sheets to define your site’s look
• Build hyperlinks and add text-search capability
• Animate page objects and use other cool effects
• Produce registration and feedback forms, and capture information with a database
• Set up and run your own Web server
• Create a collaborative workspace on line using SharePoint™ team services
• Go straight for the code—Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications, HTML, XML, and script

• Intuitive HTML interface
• Extensive collection of Microsoft add-ins and third-party utilities, demos, and trials
• Full Web site example used in the book
• Macros, source code, databases, and custom components
• Complete eBook—easy to browse and print!
• Bonus content on working with code, data objects, and more
• Sample chapters from other INSIDE OUT Office XP books
• Web links to Microsoft Tools on the Web, online troubleshooters, and product support
• Microsoft Visio® customizable auto-demos


Table of Contents:

Acknowledgments xxxix
Wed Like to Hear from You xli
Conventions Used in This Book xliii
Chapter 1 Presenting Microsoft FrontPage 2002 3
    Using This Book 4
    FrontPage Overview 4
        Editing Web Pages 5
        Managing Web Sites 8
    Supporting FrontPage on Your Web Server 11
    Introducing SharePoint Team Services 12
    Installing FrontPage 13
    Checking Out Whats New in Office XP 20
        User Interface Features 20
        Web Services 22
        File Operations 23
        Open and Save Dialog Boxes 23
        Search Feature 24
        Reliability and Robustness Features 24
    Checking Out Whats New in FrontPage 2002 25
        SharePoint Team Web Site Features 25
        Web Components 26
        HTML 4 Tags 27
        Editing Features 28
        Site Management Features 29
        Multi-Language Handling Feature 30
    In Summary?/TD> 30
Chapter 2 Editing Web Pages 31
    HTML and Text Editors 31
    WYSIWYG Editing in FrontPage 32
        Understanding the Main FrontPage Window 32
        Initializing a New Web Page 37
        Entering and Formatting Text 37
        Drawing Tables 38
        Inserting Pictures 40
        Adding a Hyperlink 43
        Saving the Web Page 43
        Checking Your Work 45
    Opening an Existing Web Page 47
    FrontPage Web Components 49
    Advanced Components 55
        Server-Side Scripting 55
        Script Languages 56
        Java Applets 57
        ActiveX Controls 58
        Plug-Ins 59
        Design-Time Controls 59
    In Summary?/TD> 60
Chapter 3 Managing Web Sites 61
    Planning Your Web Environment 62
    Creating a FrontPage-Based Web 63
    Opening a FrontPage-Based Web 67
    Working with Web Folder Lists 70
        Manipulating Files and Folders 70
        Choosing an Editor 73
    Building a Web Site 74
        Manually Building a Web Site 75
        Creating a Web Site in Navigation View 75
        Adding Shared Borders 76
        Adding Shared Border Content 78
        Applying a Theme 81
        Working with Web Templates 82
    Managing Appearance 86
        Manually Managing Appearance 86
        Using Color Masters 86
        Applying Themes 88
        Working with Cascading Style Sheets 89
        Creating Page-Level Styles 91
        Creating Shared Style Sheets 92
        Using Page Templates 95
    Laying Out Pages 97
        Working with Tables 97
        Working with Shared Borders 99
        Working with Frames Pages 101
        Positioning 102
    In Summary?/TD> 104
PART 2 Planning and Organizing Your Web Site 105
Chapter 4 Planning and Organizing FrontPage-Based Webs 107
    Defining Your Sites Content 107
    Identifying Your Message 108
        Understanding the Audience 108
        Identifying Content Categories 109
    Defining Your Sites Style 110
        Elements of Design 110
        Choosing a Visual Concept 115
        Planning Your Pages 116
        Achieving Effective Page Layout 117
    In Summary?/TD> 120
Chapter 5 Understanding FrontPage-Based Webs 121
    FrontPage-Based Webs 122
        Creating Web Pages as Individual Files 122
        Using Disk-Based Webs 122
        Using Server-Based Webs 127
    Appreciating Webs 131
        Maintaining Hyperlink Locations 131
        Working with Web Components 132
        Creating Web Pages from Site Information 134
        Deriving Site Information From Web Pages 138
        Using Management and Monitoring Tools 140
        Using Workgroup Version Control 142
        Built-In Upload/Download 143
    Using SharePoint Team Services Collaboration Features 147
    In Summary?/TD> 148
Chapter 6 Creating and Using FrontPage-Based Webs 149
    Creating a FrontPage-Based Web for New Content 149
    Creating a FrontPage-Based Web for Existing Content 158
        Initializing a New Web from a File System Folder 159
        Initializing a Disk-Based Web in Place 161
        Initializing a New Web from Files on a Web Server 161
        Converting a Folder to a Web 164
        Converting a Web to a Folder 165
    Importing Web Pages 166
    Planning and Managing Folders 168
    Working with FrontPage Views 170
        Working with Page View 171
        Working with Folders View 174
    Deleting a FrontPage-Based Web 178
    In Summary?/TD> 178
Chapter 7 Managing Web Structure with Navigation View 181
    Working with Navigation View 181
        Deciding Whether to Use Navigation View 184
        Displaying Navigation View 185
        Defining a Navigation View Home Page 186
        Adding Child Pages to Navigation View 189
        Rearranging Pages in Navigation View 193
        Adding Top Pages to Navigation View 194
        Adding Custom Link Bars to Navigation View 195
        Deleting a Page From Navigation View 197
        Controlling the Navigation View Display 198
    Using Link Bars with Navigation View 201
        Creating a Link Bar with the Custom Links Component 202
        Creating a Link Bar Based On Navigation Structure 206
        Setting Link Bar Based On Navigation Structure Properties 208
    Using Page Banners 212
    In Summary?/TD> 214
Chapter 8 Creating Web Sites with Templates and Wizards 215
    Understanding Templates and Wizards 216
    Using Web Site Templates 219
        Using the Empty Web Template 219
        Using the One Page Web Template 220
        Using the Customer Support Web Template 220
        Using the Personal Web Template 229
        Using the Project Web Template 232
    Using Web Site Wizards 234
        Using the Corporate Presence Wizard 234
        Using the Database Interface Wizard 240
        Using the Discussion Web Wizard 248
        Using the Import Web Wizard 248
    Creating a SharePoint Team Web Site 248
    In Summary?/TD> 251
Chapter 9 Creating, Opening, Saving, and Deleting Web Pages 255
    Creating a New Web Page 255
    Editing an Existing Web Page 259
        Opening a Page from Page View 259
        Opening a Page in a New Window 262
        Opening a Page from Tasks View 263
        Opening a Page from Other Views 264
    Saving Pages 264
    Deleting an Existing Web Page 266
    Saving and Opening Files in SharePoint Team Web Sites 266
    In Summary?/TD> 268
Chapter 10 Adding and Formatting Text 269
    Word Processing Conventions Used in FrontPage 269
        Copying and Pasting Text 270
        Selecting Text 274
    Importing Text 275
    Text Conventions Unique to HTML 277
    Inserting Special Text Elements 277
        Inserting a Line Break 277
        Inserting Horizontal Lines 280
        Inserting Symbols 281
        Inserting Comments 282
    Searching, Replacing, and Checking Spelling 283
        Searching for Text 283
        Replacing Text 284
        Checking Spelling 285
        Using the Thesaurus 287
    Formatting Paragraphs 288
        Using HTMLs Basic Paragraph Styles 288
        Aligning Text 290
        Fine-Tuning Paragraph Properties 290
    Formatting Lists 292
        Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists 292
        Creating Collapsible Lists 297
        Using Other List Types 298
    Formatting Text Fonts 299
    In Summary?/TD> 304
Chapter 11 Adding and Formatting Pictures 305
    Adding Pictures to a Page 305
        Inserting Pictures by Dragging 307
        Using the Save Embedded Files Dialog Box 310
        Inserting Pictures Using the Insert Menu 312
        Inserting Clip Art 314
        Inserting Pictures from a Scanner or Camera 324
        Inserting Video Files 324
        Inserting Sound Files 329
        Inserting Text On GIF Components 330
        Inserting Drawings 331
        Inserting AutoShapes 334
        Inserting WordArt 335
    Modifying Picture Properties 337
        Modifying Size and Placement Properties 337
        Modifying General Picture Properties 341
    Modifying Video Properties 346
    Organizing Pictures with Thumbnails 347
        Using the AutoThumbnail Feature 347
        Creating Photo Galleries 349
    Editing Pictures in FrontPage 352
    In Summary?/TD> 354
Chapter 12 Building Hyperlinks 355
    Creating and Managing Hyperlinks 356
        Creating Hyperlinks with Drag-and-Drop 356
        Creating Hyperlinks with Menus 358
        Linking to an Existing File or Web Page 360
        Linking to a Place in the Current Document 364
        Linking to a New Document 364
        Linking to an E-Mail Address 365
        Modifying Hyperlinks 366
    Setting and Using Bookmarks 367
    Creating and Using Hotspots 369
    Using the Link Bars Component 371
    Creating URLs 372
        Coding URL Protocols 372
        Coding URL Computer Names 375
        Coding URL Port Numbers 375
        Coding URL Folder Names 376
        Coding URL File Names 378
        Coding URL Bookmarks 381
        Using Relative Locations 382
        Coding URL Fields for Executable Programs 384
    In Summary?/TD> 384
Chapter 13 Publishing Your FrontPage-Based Web 387
    Web Publishing Fundamentals 387
    Publishing to a Server-Based Web 389
    Publishing to a Non-Extended Web Server 392
    Publishing to a Disk-Based Web 395
    Controlling the Publish Operation 396
    Monitoring the Publish Operation 401
    Publishing Single Files 404
    How Web Publishing Works 404
    In Summary?/TD> 408
Chapter 14 Keeping Your Web Up-to-Date 409
    Moving, Renaming, and Reorganizing Pages 409
    Finding and Replacing Text 411
    Checking Spelling in Your Web 418
    Re-Indexing Your Web 421
    Checking Links in Your Web 422
    Testing Your Web 422
    Working with Reports View 424
    Viewing the Site Summary Report 426
    Interacting with FrontPage Reports 427
    Viewing File Reports 431
        All Files 431
        Recently Added Files 431
        Recently Changed Files 432
        Older Files 433
    Viewing Problem Reports 433
        Unlinked Files 433
        Slow Pages 433
        Broken Hyperlinks 435
        Component Errors 438
    Viewing Workflow Status Reports 439
        Review Status 439
        Assigned To 441
        Categories 441
        Publish Status 442
        Checkout Status 443
    Viewing Usage Reports 444
        Usage Summary 446
        Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Summary Usage 446
        Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Page Hits 448
        Visiting Users 449
        Operating Systems 450
        Browsers 451
        Referring Domains 451
        Referring URLs 452
        Search Strings 453
    Using Hyperlinks View 454
    In Summary?/TD> 456
Chapter 15 Using Page Templates 459
    Creating Pages with Templates 459
    Selecting General Templates 462
        Using Static Templates 462
        Using Component Templates 465
        Using Form Templates 466
        Using SharePoint Team Services Templates 469
    Selecting Frames Page Templates 470
    Selecting Style Sheet Templates 470
    Creating Custom Templates 471