HTML in 10 Steps or Less

Robert G. Fuller, Laurie Ulrich Fuller

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  • 出版日期: 2003-12-26
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 576
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0764541234
  • ISBN-13: 9780764541230
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If you are building your own Web pages and need HTML solutions fast, then this book is for you–whether you’re new to Web site authoring or you need a quick refresher on how to create a table. Open the book and you’ll discover clear, easy-to-follow instructions for more than 250 key HTML Web tasks, each presented in ten quick steps–or less. Easy-to-navigate pages, lots of screen shots, and to-the-point directions guide you through every common (and not so common) HTML challenge–and help you get more done in less time.
  • Each solution is ten steps–or less–to help you get the job done fast
  • Self-contained two-page spreads deliver the answers you need–without flipping pages
  • A no-fluff approach focuses on helping you achieve results
  • A resource packed with useful and fun ways to get the most out of HTML
  • Companion Web site provides additional detailed XHTML, hexadecimal color usage, and Web site planning references, pointers to useful Web HTML references, and code samples for download

Table of Contents


About the Authors.



Part 1: HTML Document Structure.

Task 1: How to Write a Tag.

Task 2: Structuring an HTML Document.

Task 3: Defining Meta Tag Keywords.

Task 4: Defining Meta Tag Descriptions.

Task 5: Defining the Author of a Document Using Meta Tags.

Task 6: Defining Meta Tag Expiration Dates.

Task 7: Refreshing Page Content Using Meta Tags.

Task 8: Defining Meta Tag Robot Values.

Task 9: Controlling the Document Background.

Task 10: Working with Source Code in the Browser.

Part 2: Working with Text.

Task 11: Working with Headings.

Task 12: Working with Paragraphs.

Task 13: Applying Fonts.

Task 14: Setting the Font Size.

Task 15: Setting the Font Color.

Task 16: Applying Physical Styles.

Task 17: Applying Logical Styles.

Task 18: Inserting Character Entities.

Task 19: Using the Preformatted Text Element.

Task 20: Using the Blockquote Element.

Task 21: Setting Document Margins.

Task 22: Creating an Ordered List.

Task 23: Modifying Ordered List Styles.

Task 24: Modifying an Ordered List’s Starting Character.

Task 25: Creating an Unordered List.

Task 26: Modifying Bullet Styles.

Task 27: Nesting Lists.

Task 28: Creating Definition Lists.

Part 3: Working with Images.

Task 29: Inserting Images.

Task 30: Controlling Image Alignment and Spacing.

Task 31: Resizing Images Using Photoshop Elements.

Task 32: Optimizing GIF Images Using Photoshop Elements.

Task 33: Optimizing JPEG Images Using Photoshop Elements.

Task 34: Optimizing PNG Images Using Photoshop Elements.

Part 4: Audio and Video.

Task 35: Embedding Audio Files.

Task 36: Adding Background Sounds.

Task 37: Embedding Video.

Task 38: Embedding Java Applets.

Part 5: Hyperlinks.

Task 39: Defining Hyperlinks.

Task 40: Defining Pathnames.

Task 41: Creating mailto Links.

Task 42: Linking to Named Anchors.

Part 6: Building Tables.

Task 43: Defining Tables.

Task 44: Working with Table Borders.

Task 45: Spanning Cells.

Task 46: Aligning Table Elements.

Task 47: Defining Dimensions for Table Elements.

Task 48: Working with Table Background Properties.

Task 49: Nesting Tables.

Task 50: Organizing Table Data.

Part 7: Working with Forms.

Task 51: Defining Form Elements.

Task 52: Formatting Text Fields.

Task 53: Formatting Password Fields.

Task 54: Formatting Text Areas.

Task 55: Formatting Check Boxes.

Task 56: Formatting Radio Buttons.

Task 57: Formatting Selection Menus.

Task 58: Formatting Selection Lists.

Task 59: Formatting File Fields.

Task 60: Formatting Submit and Reset Buttons.

Task 61: Using Graphic Images for Submit Buttons.

Task 62: Using Hidden Fields.

Task 63: Specifying the Focus Order of Form Controls.

Task 64: Using Field Sets.

Part 8: Working with Frames.

Task 65: Defining Frameset Documents.

Task 66: Specifying Frame Dimensions.

Task 67: Specifying Border Properties.

Task 68: Controlling Frame Margins and Scroll Bars.

Task 69: Nesting Framesets.

Task 70: Targeting Frames.

Task 71: Providing noframes Content.

Task 72: Working with Inline Frames.

Part 9: Cascading Style Sheets.

Task 73: Writing Style Rules.

Task 74: Creating an Embedded Style Sheet.

Task 75: Creating an External Style Sheet.

Task 76: Defining Style Classes.

Task 77: Defining the font-family Property.

Task 78: Defining the font-size Property with Keywords.

Task 79: Defining the font-size Property with Lengths.

Task 80: Working with Font Styling.

Task 81: Using the Font Property Shorthand.

Task 82: Working with Foreground and Background Colors.

Task 83: Controlling Character and Word Spacing.

Task 84: Controlling Line Spacing and Vertical Alignment.

Task 85: Defining the text-decoration Property.

Task 86: Defining the text-transform Property.

Task 87: Controlling Text Alignment and Indentation.

Task 88: Working with Background Images.

Task 89: Defining CSS Padding Properties.

Task 90: Defining Border Style Properties.

Task 91: Defining Border Width Properties.

Task 92: Defining Border Color Properties.

Task 93: Using the Border Property Shorthand.

Task 94: Working with Margin Properties.

Task 95: Defining Element Dimensions.

Task 96: Working with the float Property.

Task 97: Controlling List-Item Bullet Styles.

Task 98: Controlling List-Item Number Styles.

Task 99: Creating Layers with Absolute Positions.

Task 100: Creating Layers with Relative Positions.

Task 101: Defining a Layer’s Clipping Area.

Part 10: Simple JavaScript.

Task 102: Preparing Documents for Scripting.

Task 103: Inserting Simple Time Stamps.

Task 104: Changing Content Based on Time.

Task 105: Writing to the Browser’s Status Bar.

Task 106: Hiding E-mail Addresses from Spammers.

Task 107: Preloading Images.

Task 108: Creating Simple Image Rollovers.

Task 109: Creating Simple Pop-up Windows.

Part 11: Adding Third-Party Elements.

Task 110: Adding a Free Google Search Bar.

Task 111: Adding a Free News Ticker.

Task 112: Adding a Web Poll.

Task 113: Becoming an Associate.

Task 114: Adding a Free Hit Counter.

Task 115: Adding Weather Data to Your Site.

Part 12: TextPad.

Task 116: Downloading and Installing TextPad.

Task 117: Creating and Opening Files.

Task 118: Moving Around in Text.

Task 119: Selecting Code.

Task 120: Using the Clipboard.

Task 121: Managing Files.

Task 122: Using the Find and Replace Tools.

Task 123: Searching for Strings in Multiple Files.

Task 124: Finding Matching Brackets.

Task 125: Using the Spelling Checker.

Task 126: Working with the Document Selector.

Task 127: Creating Workspaces.

Task 128: Working with the Clip Library.

Task 129: Editing Clip Libraries.

Task 130: Downloading Clip Libraries.

Task 131: Configuring TextPad with Web Browsers.

Task 132: Configuring an HTML Validator.

Task 133: Creating Keystroke Macros.

Task 134: Creating a Tag-Wrapping Macro.

Task 135: Working with Color Syntax Checking.

Part 13: Working with BBEdit.

Task 136: Downloading and Installing BBEdit.

Task 137: Configuring BBEdit for Web Site Development.

Task 138: Creating New HTML Documents.

Task 139: Using the Tag Maker Edit Tag Tools.

Task 140: Formatting Text.

Task 141: Creating Lists.

Task 142: Inserting Images.

Task 143: Creating Tables.

Task 144: Building Forms.

Task 145: Working with Frames.

Task 146: Defining CSS Font Properties.

Task 147: Defining CSS Text Properties.

Task 148: Defining CSS Background Properties.

Task 149: Defining CSS Padding and Margin Properties.

Task 150: Defining CSS Border Properties.

Task 151: Defining CSS Box Properties.

Task 152: Validating HTML.

Task 153: Using BBEdit Utilities.

Task 154: Using Find and Replace.

Task 155: Working with File Groups.

Task 156: Setting Menu Keys.

Task 157: Modifying Color Syntax Checking.

Task 158: Modifying HTML Color Preferences.

Part 14: Working with HomeSite.

Task 159: Exploring the HomeSite Environment.

Task 160: Creating a New Project.

Task 161: Organizing a Project with Folders.

Task 162: Starting a New HomeSite Document.

Task 163: Creating and Using Web Page Templates.

Task 164: Inserting and Converting Files.

Task 165: Finding and Inserting Tags and Attributes.

Task 166: Cleaning Code with CodeSweeper.

Task 167: Editing Cascading Style Sheets with the Style Editor.

Task 168: Previewing in External Browsers.

Task 169: Formatting Body Text.

Task 170: Creating Lists.

Task 171: Checking the Spelling.

Task 172: Adding a Horizontal Rule.

Task 173: Searching an HTML Document.

Task 174: Replacing Web Page Content.

Task 175: Inserting an Image.

Task 176: Using the Image Map Editor.

Task 177: Inserting Tags Automatically.

Task 178: Inserting Tables.

Task 179: Building Framesets.

Task 180: Creating Forms.

Task 181: Determining Document Weight.

Task 182: Validating and Verifying Your Code.

Task 183: Customizing HomeSite.

Task 184: Using Auto-Backup.

Task 185: Establishing Deployment Options.

Task 186: Deploying Files and Folders.

Part 15: Working with Dreamweaver.

Task 187: Assigning Preview Browsers.

Task 188: Defining Sites.

Task 189: Using Site Maps.

Task 190: Establishing Page Properties.

Task 191: Setting Code View Options.

Task 192: Working with Code Snippets.

Task 193: Inserting and Formatting Text.

Task 194: Creating Lists.

Task 195: Proofing Page Text.

Task 196: Using Find and Replace to Edit Page Content.

Task 197: Importing Word HTML.

Task 198: Importing Data Tables from Other Applications.

Task 199: Inserting and Formatting Images.

Task 200: Inserting Flash Text.

Task 201: Inserting Flash Buttons.

Task 202: Testing and Formatting a Flash Button.

Task 203: Assigning an External Image Editor.

Task 204: Creating Image Maps.

Task 205: Creating Image Rollovers.

Task 206: Building Navigation Bars.

Task 207: Creating Tables.

Task 208: Modifying an Existing Table.

Task 209: Creating Forms.

Task 210: Working with Frames.

Task 211: Working with Layers.

Task 212: Creating Style Sheets.

Task 213: Using Behaviors.

Task 214: Using the Preload Images Behavior.

Task 215: Using the Open Browser Window Behavior.

Task 216: Using the Validate Form Behavior.

Task 217: Using the Set Text for Status Bar Behavior.

Task 218: Working with Assets.

Task 219: Setting Up a Remote Host.

Task 220: Downloading and Uploading Files.

Task 221: Using Check In/Check Out.

Part 16: Working with FrontPage.

Task 222: Setting Up a Web Site.

Task 223: Creating and Rearranging Blank Web Pages.

Task 224: Naming and Saving Pages.

Task 225: Viewing and Changing Page Properties.

Task 226: Applying Themes.

Task 227: Creating a New Theme.

Task 228: Creating and Using Templates.

Task 229: Inserting and Formatting Text.

Task 230: Proofing and Improving Web Page Text.

Task 231: Inserting Clip Art and Pictures.

Task 232: Adding Alternative Text to Images.

Task 233: Drawing and Formatting Shapes and Lines.

Task 234: Adding Flash Content to Web Pages.

Task 235: Creating WordArt Images.

Task 236: Adding Navigation Bars.

Task 237: Inserting and Aligning Page Banners.

Task 238: Creating Interactive Buttons.

Task 239: Changing Page Backgrounds and Colors.

Task 240: Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists.

Task 241: Applying Borders to Text.

Task 242: Applying Shading to Text or Blank Lines.

Task 243: Inserting Tables.

Task 244: Adding and Deleting Table Rows, Columns, and Cells.

Task 245: Splitting and Merging Table Cells.

Task 246: Resizing and Reformatting Table Cells.

Task 247: Populating a Table with Graphics and Text.

Task 248: Creating Frames.

Task 249: Adding Layers.

Task 250: Building Page Bookmarks.

Task 251: Setting Up Keywords and Page Description Text.

Task 252: Publishing a FrontPage Web Site.