Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Unleashed (Paperback)

Rand Morimoto, Michael Noel, Andrew Abbate, Chris Amaris, Mark Weinhardt

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This is the ultimate guide to the design, migration, implementation, administration, management, and support of an Exchange Server 2007 environment. The recommendations, tips, and tricks covered are based on more than two years of early adopter implementations of Exchange 2007. The authors highlight the features and functions that organizations both large and small have found to be the important components in Exchange 2007, including the new Outlook Web Access mail, functions that better support mobile devices, server-to-server mailbox replication for better data recovery, and integrated voicemail unified messaging.


Rand H. Morimoto, Ph.D., MCSE has been in the computer industry for more than 25 years and is the president of Convergent Computing, an IT-consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay area that was one of the key early adopter program partners with Microsoft on Exchange 2007. Dr. Morimoto has written a best-selling book on Microsoft Exchange for every version over the past 12 years.


Michael Noel, MCSE, MVP has authored or coauthored more than a dozen Sams Publishing “Unleashed” books, and is currently a principal consultant with Convergent Computing.


Andrew Abbate, MCSE is a fourteen-year veteran of consulting and is a senior consultant at Convergent Computing, where he continues to consult with both large and small clients to help improve their IT practices.


Chris Amaris, MCSE, CISSP is the Chief Technology Officer and cofounder of Convergent Computing. He has more than twenty years experience consulting for Fortune 500 companies, leading companies in the selection, design, planning, and implementation of complex IT projects.


Mark Weinhardt, MCSE has worked in various aspects of the computing industry for more than 20 years, has been a consultant with Convergent Computing for more than eleven years, and has performed enterprise class Windows and Exchange implementations and migrations.


Detailed information on how to…

  • Plan your implementation and migration to Exchange 2007
  • Confirm that your architecture of Exchange 2007 meets best practices
  • Build a lab environment to test that your migration, implementation, and support processes are valid
  • Implement Cluster Continuous Replication for effective disaster recovery of a failed Exchange server or site
  • Integrate Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging into an existing telephony environment
  • Optimize Exchange 2007 for a scalable enterprise environment
  • Administer and support Exchange on an ongoing basis


Table of Contents


Part I    Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Overview

1 Exchange Server 2007 Technology Primer   

2 Best Practices at Planning, Prototyping, Migrating, and Deploying Exchange Server 2007

Part II    Planning and Designing an Exchange Server 2007 Environment

3 Understanding Core Exchange Server 2007 Design Plans

4 Architecting an Enterprise-Level Exchange Environment

5 Integrating Exchange Server 2007 in a Non-Windows Environment

6 Understanding Network Services and Active Directory Domain Controller Placement for Exchange Server 2007

Part III    Implementing Exchange Server 2007 Services

7 Installing Exchange Server 2007

8 Implementing Edge Services for an Exchange Server 2007 Environment

9 Using the Windows PowerShell in an Exchange Server 2007 Environment

Part IV    Securing an Exchange Server 2007 Environment

10 Client-Level Secured Messaging

11 Server and Transport-Level Security

12 Encrypting Email Communications with Exchange Server 2007

13 Securing Exchange Server 2007 with ISA Server

14 Understanding Enterprise Policy Enforcement Security

Part V    Migrations and Coexistence with Exchange Server 2007

15 Migrating from Windows 2000 Server to Windows Server 2003

16 Migrating to Exchange Server 2007

17 Implementing Client Access and Hub Transport Servers

18 Administering an Exchange Server 2007 Environment

19 Exchange Server 2007 Management and Maintenance Practices

20 Using Microsoft Operations Manager to Monitor Exchange Server 2007

21 Using Terminal Services to Manage Exchange Servers

22 Documenting an Exchange Server 2007 Environment

Part VII    Unified Communications in an Exchange Server 2007 Environment

23 Designing and Implementing Mobility in Exchange Server 2007

24 Designing and Configuring Unified Messaging in Exchange Server 2007

25 Collaborating Within an Exchange Environment Using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

26 Extending the Real-Time Communications Functionality of Exchange Server 2007

Part VIII    Client Access to Exchange Server 2007

27 Getting the Most Out of the Microsoft Outlook Client

28 Leveraging the Capabilities of the Outlook Web Access (OWA) Client

29 Using Non-Windows Systems to Access Exchange Server 2007

30 Deploying the Client for Microsoft Exchange

Part IX    Data Protection and Disaster Recovery of Exchange Server 2007

31 Continuous Backups, Clustering, and Network Load Balancing in Exchange Server 2007

32 Backing Up the Exchange Server 2007 Environment

33 Recovering from a Disaster in an Exchange Server 2007 Environment

Part X    Optimizing Exchange Server 2007 Environments

34 Optimizing an Exchange Server 2007 Environment

35 Designing and Optimizing Storage (SAN/NAS) in an Exchange Server 2007 Environment




這是一本關於Exchange Server 2007環境的設計、遷移、實施、管理和支援的最終指南。這些建議、技巧和訣竅是基於超過兩年的Exchange 2007早期採用者實施的經驗。作者們強調了組織(無論大小)在Exchange 2007中發現的重要組件,包括新的Outlook Web Access郵件、更好支援移動設備的功能、用於更好數據恢復的服務器到服務器的郵箱複製,以及集成的語音郵件統一消息。

Rand H. Morimoto, Ph.D., MCSE在計算機行業已有超過25年的經驗,是與Exchange 2007上的Microsoft合作的早期採用者計劃合作夥伴之一,並擔任位於舊金山灣區的IT咨詢公司Convergent Computing的總裁。Morimoto博士在過去12年中為Microsoft Exchange的每個版本撰寫了暢銷書。

Michael Noel, MCSE, MVP已經撰寫或合著了十多本Sams Publishing的“Unleashed”系列書籍,目前是Convergent Computing的首席顧問。

Andrew Abbate, MCSE是一位有14年咨詢經驗的老將,目前是Convergent Computing的高級顧問,他繼續與大型和小型客戶合作,幫助改善他們的IT實踐。

Chris Amaris, MCSE, CISSP是Convergent Computing的首席技術官和聯合創始人。他在為財富500強公司提供咨詢服務方面擁有超過20年的經驗,領導公司在選擇、設計、規劃和實施複雜IT項目方面。

Mark Weinhardt, MCSE在計算機行業的各個方面工作了20多年,已經在Convergent Computing擔任顧問超過11年,並執行了企業級Windows和Exchange的實施和遷移。


- 計劃您的Exchange 2007實施和遷移
- 確認您的Exchange 2007架構符合最佳實踐
- 構建實驗環境以測試您的遷移、實施和支援流程是否有效
- 實施連續集群複製,以實現對失敗的Exchange服務器或站點的有效災難恢復
- 將Exchange 2007統一消息集成到現有的電話環境中
- 優化Exchange 2007以適應可擴展的企業環境
- 管理和支援Exchange