Microsoft Office v. X for Mac Inside Out (Paperback)

Tom Negrino, Kirk Elhearn, Kate Binder

  • 出版商: MicroSoft
  • 出版日期: 2002-07-02
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  • 售價: 2.2$299
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 108
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0735616280
  • ISBN-13: 9780735616288
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Conquer Microsoft Office v. X for Mac—from the inside out!

Hey, you know your way around Mac OS X—so now dig into Microsoft® Office v. X and really put your Mac to work! Covering Microsoft Word, Entourage™, Excel, and PowerPoint®, this supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and handy workarounds in concise, fast-answer format. It’s all muscle and no fluff. Discover the best and fastest ways to perform everyday tasks and challenge yourself to new levels of Office mastery!

• Build on what you already know about Office and quickly dive into what’s new
• Use Word to produce professional documents and Web pages—and add impact with sound, images, and movies
• Put your e-mail to work, share your calendar over the Web, and use scripts to extend Entourage even further
• Create 3-D charts, hyperlink data, and apply simple to sophisticated number-crunching techniques in Excel
• Deliver compelling PowerPoint presentations and movies in person or over the Web
• Share information seamlessly among Office v. X applications and with colleagues
• Write your own macros and scripts with Microsoft Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) and AppleScript


Table of Contents:

Acknowledgments xxv
    We'd Like to Hear from You! xxvii
    Conventions and Features Used in This Book xxix
CHAPTER 1   An Overview of Office v. X 3
    What Is Office v. X? 3
    Why Office v. X? 4
    Finding Out What's New 5
        New Office v. X Features 5
        New Word Features 9
        New Entourage Features 10
        New Excel Features 11
        New PowerPoint Features 12
    Launching Office v. X Applications 13
    Let's Get Started 14
CHAPTER 2   Creating and Managing Documents 15
    Creating New Documents 15
        Understanding the Project Gallery and Templates 16
    Opening Existing Documents 21
    Saving Your Documents 25
        Using Save 25
        Using AutoRecover 26
        Using Save As 27
        Saving Documents for Windows Users 27
CHAPTER 3   Getting Expert Help with Office v. X 31
    Using the Office Assistant 31
        Getting Help from the Office Assistant 32
        Modifying the Office Assistant 35
        Banishing the Office Assistant 38
    Using the Help Index 38
    Printing Help Files 39
    Getting Web-Based Help 39
        Accessing Tools On The Web 41
    Accessing the Getting Started Book on the Office v. X CD 41
    Turning on ScreenTips 42
    Getting the Tip of the Day 44
CHAPTER 4   Office v. X: Do It Your Way 45
    Wrangling Your Toolbars 45
        Displaying and Hiding Toolbars 46
        Arranging and Docking Toolbars 48
        Adding a Button to a Toolbar 48
        Removing a Button from a Toolbar 50
        Moving, Copying, and Separating Toolbar Buttons 50
        Adding Menus to a Toolbar 51
        Creating Your Own Toolbars 53
    Customizing Menus 53
        Renaming Menu Commands 54
        Creating Custom Menus for the Menu Bar 55
        Customizing Word's Contextual Menus 55
    Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts in Word and Excel 56
PART 2   WORD 59
CHAPTER 5   Word Essentials 61
    The Word Document Window in Depth 61
    Getting Different Views of Your Document 63
        Working with Document Views 63
        Zooming in on Your Document 65
    Using the Window Menu 67
        Displaying Multiple Document Windows 67
        Minimizing Windows to the Mac OS X Dock 67
        Splitting Windows 68
        Arranging Windows 68
    Sending Word Documents via E-Mail 70
    Flagging Documents for Follow-Up 71
    Previewing Your Document 72
        Using the Print Preview Window 72
        Viewing Multiple Pages in Print Preview 74
        Editing in Print Preview 75
    Adjusting Margins, Indents, and Tabs 75
    Printing Documents 76
        Using the Page Setup Dialog 77
        Printing Portions of Your Document 79
        Printing Information About Your Document 80
        Printing Documents to Disk as PDF Files 82
        Printing Envelopes 82
        Printing Labels 85
CHAPTER 6   Effective Text Editing 87
    Entering Text 87
        Using Click and Type 88
        Inserting Symbols 90
        Inserting Special Characters into Your Document 90
    Copying and Pasting with the Office Clipboard 91
        Using the Spike to Move Many Items 93
    Using AutoText and AutoComplete 94
        Creating a New AutoText Entry 95
        Letting AutoComplete Do the Work 96
        Adding an AutoComplete Entry 97
        Deleting an AutoComplete Entry 98
        Inserting Text Blocks with AutoComplete 98
    Fixing Common Mistakes with AutoCorrect 98
        Creating AutoCorrect Entries 99
        Setting AutoCorrect Options 100
        Telling AutoCorrect About Exceptions 102
    Formatting Your Document with AutoFormat 103
        Applying AutoFormat Changes as You Type 103
        Applying AutoFormat Changes 105
    Selecting and Editing Text with Multi-Selection 108
    Finding and Replacing Text and Formatting 108
        Finding Text 109
        Replacing Text 109
        Advanced Text Replacement 110
        Replacing Formatting 112
    Navigating Through Your Document 113
        Navigating with the Browse Buttons 114
        Navigating with Go To 115
        Using the Document Map View 116
        Using Bookmarks 118
        Showing Bookmarks in a Document 120
        Hiding Bookmark Indicators in a Printed Document 121
CHAPTER 7   Formatting Your Work 123
    Browsing the Formatting Palette 123
        Setting Font Attributes 124
        Setting Alignment and Spacing 125
        Setting Borders and Shading 125
        Setting Document Properties 126
    Controlling Character Formatting 127
        Applying Basic Text Formatting Options 128
        Applying Advanced Character Formatting Options 130
        Adjusting Kerning and Letterspacing 131
        Specifying Superscripts and Subscripts 133
        Creating Drop Caps 134
        Changing Text Case and Text Direction 135
    Setting Paragraph Formatting 137
        Using the Ruler to Set Indents 138
        Using the Ruler to Set Tabs 139
        Manipulating Tab Stops 140
        Applying Line Spacing 141
        Adjusting Paragraph Indents, Alignment, and Spacing 142
        Setting Line and Page Breaks 143
        Adding Borders to a Paragraph 143
        Adding Shading Behind Text 144
        Formatting Using the Keyboard 145
    Using the Format Painter 146
    Clearing All Formatting 146
    Revealing Formatting 147
    Formatting the Whole Document 148
        Setting Page Size and Orientation 148
        Setting Page Margins 149
        Adding Line Numbering 150
    Working with Sections 151
        Creating Headers and Footers 152
        Adding AutoText to Headers and Footers 152
        Positioning Headers and Footers 153
        Adding Page Numbering 154
        Formatting Page Numbers 154
        Controlling the Appearance of Headers and Footers 156
        Inserting a Section Break 157
CHAPTER 8   Advanced Formatting with Styles, Templates, and Themes 159
    Understanding Styles 160
    Applying Styles 161
        Applying Styles from the Formatting Palette 161
        Applying Styles with the Keyboard 162
        Applying Styles in the Style Dialog 164
    Defining Styles 165
        Defining Styles by Example 165
        Creating Styles from Scratch 166
        Basing One Style on Another Style 168
        Redefining Styles 169
        Replacing Styles 170
        Deleting Styles 171
    Copying Styles Between Documents and Templates 172
    Working with Templates 173
        Understanding the Normal Template 174
        Modifying the Normal Template 175
        Creating Documents from an Included Template 175
        Creating and Using Custom Templates 177
        Attaching Templates to Documents 177
        Working with Global Templates 178
    Using Themes 180
    Using the Style Gallery 181
CHAPTER 9   Laying Out Text 183
    Creating Tables 183
        Creating a Simple Table 184
        Drawing a Table 185
        Inserting a Table 187
    Moving Around in Tables 189
    Table Editing 190
        Inserting or Deleting Rows and Columns 190
        Inserting or Deleting Table Cells 191
        Selecting Table Items 192
        Moving Table Rows or Columns 192
        Merging and Splitting Table Cells 192
        Splitting a Table 194
    Formatting Tables 194
        Resizing an Entire Table 194
        Moving an Entire Table 195
        Adjusting Column Width and Row Height 196
        Using AutoFit 196
        Adding Borders and Shading 197
        Formatting a Table Automatically 197
    Setting Table Properties 199
        Defining a Table's Size, Alignment, and Text Wrapping 199
        Setting Properties for a Table Row 201
        Setting Properties for a Table Column 203
        Setting Properties for a Table Cell 204
    Sorting Table Contents 206
    Performing Calculations Within Tables 208
        Using Functions for Table Calculations 208
        Using AutoSum 209
    Converting Tables 210
        Converting Text to Tables 210
        Converting a Table to Text 211
    Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists 212
        Creating a List 212
        Formatting Lists with the Formatting Palette 213
        Customizing Lists Using the Bullets And Numbering Dialog 213
        Increasing or Decreasing the Indentation of List Items 218
    Creating Newspaper-Style Columns 218
    Using Text Boxes 220
        Creating and Deleting Text Boxes 220
        Positioning Text Boxes 221
        Formatting Text Inside Text Boxes 221
        Working with Linked Text Boxes 221
        Wrapping Text Around Text Boxes 222
    Using the Equation Editor 224
CHAPTER 10   Working with Images, Movies, Sounds, and Objects 227
    Understanding Graphics in Word 228
        Inline and Page Graphics 228
        Layering Graphics and Text 229
    Inserting Graphics and Media Files 230
        Using the Clip Gallery 230
        Viewing and Editing Image Properties 232
        Creating a New Category 233
        Adding Clips to or Removing Clips from a Category 234
        Getting More Pictures Online 235
        Adding Images to the Clip Gallery 239
        Placing Image Files 240
        Working with the Drawing Tools 240
        Adding AutoShapes to a Document 242
        Adding Text to an AutoShape 243
        Using the WordArt Gallery 243
        Editing WordArt Text 244
        Formatting WordArt 245
        Acquiring Images from a Scanner or Camera 248
        Inserting QuickTime Movies 249
        Setting Poster Frames 249
    Setting Background Sounds and Music for a Web Page 250
    Modifying Graphics 251
        Using the Format Picture Dialog 251
        Adding Picture Effects 254
        Cropping and Cutting Out Images 255
        Adjusting the Colors of an Image 257
    Inserting Watermarks 258
    Inserting Objects 259
    Using Microsoft Organization Chart 260
CHAPTER 11   Using Word's Proofing Tools 263
    Checking Spelling 263
        Checking Spelling as You Type 264
        Checking Spelling in the Whole Document 266
        Checking Spelling in Part of a Document 268
        Setting Spelling Options 269
    Working with Dictionaries 271
        Adding Words to a Custom Dictionary 271
        Creating a New Dictionary 272
        Assigning a Dictionary to a Document 273
        Checking Spelling in Foreign Languages 273
    Installing Foreign Language Proofing Tools 274
    Checking Grammar 276
        Setting Grammar Checking Options 276
        Customizing Grammar Settings 277
        Checking Grammar in the Whole Document 278
    Rechecking a Document 279
    Enriching Your Word Choices with the Thesaurus 279
    Hyphenating Your Documents Automatically 281
    Getting Word Counts 282
        Counting Words in Part of a Document 284
        Turning Live Word Count On or Off 284
CHAPTER 12   Mastering Large or Specialized Documents 285
    Building Documents from Outlines 285
        Applying Outline Levels to Text 286
        Expanding and Collapsing Outlines 289
        Moving Headings 289
        Numbering Your Outline 292
    Using the Document Map 294
    Inserting Other Files into Your Document 296
    Working with Master Documents 296
        Creating a New Master Document 297
        Converting Documents into Subdocuments 299
        Navigating Master Documents 299
    Creating Document Summaries with AutoSummarize 303
    Generating Tables of Contents and Indexes 305
        Creating a Table of Contents 305
        Building an Index 307
    Inserting Footnotes and Endnotes 310
        Creating Footnotes and Endnotes 310
        Deleting Footnotes and Endnotes



從內部掌握 Microsoft Office v. X for Mac!

嘿,你對 Mac OS X 很熟悉,現在深入研究 Microsoft® Office v. X,真正讓你的 Mac 發揮作用!本書涵蓋了 Microsoft Word、Entourage™、Excel 和 PowerPoint®,以極其有組織的方式提供了數百個節省時間的解決方案、疑難排解技巧和實用的解決方法,以簡潔、快速回答的形式呈現。這是純粹的實用技巧,沒有冗餘的內容。發現執行日常任務的最佳和最快方法,並挑戰自己達到 Office 的新境界!

• 建立在你已經了解的 Office 基礎上,快速掌握新功能
• 使用 Word 創建專業文件和網頁,並添加聲音、圖像和影片
• 充分利用電子郵件,通過網絡共享日曆,並使用腳本進一步擴展 Entourage
• 在 Excel 中創建 3D 圖表,超連結數據,並應用從簡單到複雜的數據分析技巧
• 在個人或通過網絡上進行引人入勝的 PowerPoint 演示和影片展示
• 在 Office v. X 應用程序之間無縫共享信息,與同事共享
• 使用 Microsoft Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) 和 AppleScript 編寫自己的宏和腳本






第一部分   Office
v. X 基礎知識


第 1 章   Office v. X 概述

    什麼是 Office v. X?

    為什麼選擇 Office v. X?


        新的 Office v. X 功能

        新的 Word 功能

        新的 Entourage 功能