Engineering Software for Accessibility (Paperback)

Microsoft Corporation


Create Web sites and software that meet the sensory, dexterity, and cognitive needs of your users. Whether you’re a developer or a project manager, this guide teaches you how to incorporate programmatic access and keyboard access into your interfaces—starting at the product planning and design stage.

  • Follow a real-world example that integrates accessibility at each stage of the development cycle
  • See how the components of the UI Automation architecture fit together to enable accessibility
  • Deliver programmatic access through the API—and expose navigation, interactive controls, keyboard focus, and other important information about the UI
  • Design a logical hierarchy for the UI that meets the programmatic and keyboard navigation needs of your users
  • Know when to apply common controls and when it’s worth the expense to build custom controls
  • Give users a variety of accessibility options—from font size and color contrast to screen readers and voice recognition
  • Test your product’s accessibility features and document the implementation



  • 遵循一個實際案例,將無障礙性整合到開發週期的每個階段

  • 了解 UI Automation 架構的各個組件如何相互配合以實現無障礙性

  • 通過 API 提供程式訪問,並公開有關介面的導航、互動控制、鍵盤焦點和其他重要信息

  • 設計符合使用者程式訪問和鍵盤導航需求的邏輯層次結構

  • 了解何時應用常見控制項,以及何時值得花費建立自定義控制項

  • 為使用者提供各種無障礙選項,從字體大小和顏色對比到螢幕閱讀器和語音識別

  • 測試產品的無障礙功能並記錄實施情況