Fresh Styles for Web Designers: Eye Candy from the Underground (Paperback)

Curt Cloninger

  • 出版商: New Riders
  • 出版日期: 2001-08-22
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  • 售價: 1.9$199
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 224
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0735710740
  • ISBN-13: 9780735710740
  • 相關分類: 網頁設計
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In a light and friendly voice, the author introduces the reader to new ways of styling websites. With specific examples for each of ten categories, he provides a wealth of techniques for the designer who wishes to apply these approaches in their own work. The styles are broken down into ten categories, which are:

  • Gothic Organic School
  • Wireframe Icon School
  • Lo-fi Grunge School
  • Paper Bag School
  • Mondrian Poster School
  • Pixelated Punk Rock School
  • 1950 s Hello Kitty School
  • HTMinimaLism School
  • DraftingTable/Instruction Manual School

Super Tiny SimCity School Further explorations in the book help designers determine which style choices would be most appropriate when changing the look of their own sites.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.

The Web Is Like…the Web. The Problems: Legalism, Copycatting, and Print. Problem 1: The Usability Legalists. Problem 2: The “One Size Fits All” Syndrome. Problem 3: The Virus of Print Design. The Solution: Personal Passion.

2. Gothic Organic Style.

Symmetry Is Death: Entropy8. Chaos Does Commerce: Conscience Records. Behind the Velvet Rope: Janet Jackson. Analogesque Background Textures. Foreground Images with Irregular Borders. Transparent Animated Gifs. Controlled Window Sizes. Intentional Exploitation of Vertical Scrolling. Sites Mentioned in This Chapter.

3. Grid-Based Icon Style.

Mike Cina: Mies Van Der Rohe Meets Kid A. Nike Women: A Blueprint for Business. Serbia: Aesthetic Usability. Creating Geometric Shapes at 45-Degree-Angle Increments. Step 1: Save as Gifs. Step 2: Save as Flash Animations. Melding Photography with Grid-Based Layouts. Using Chartjunk as Design. Sites Mentioned in This Chapter.

4. Lo-Fi Grunge Style.

As Close to Print as the Web Should Get. Saksi's Personal Sites: Faux-Functional Finnish Fashion Fodder. Grungy Commerce: Nokian Tyres. Background/Foreground Gif Pairing. Scanlines. Brushes for Smudges. Motion Within a Collage. Sites Mentioned in This Chapter.

5. Paper Bag Style.

Funny Garbage's Kipple: MacGyver Does Web Art. P2: The Kids Grow Up. Levi's Vintage: The Revolution Will Be Marketed. gURL and Ka-Ching: 25% Paper Bag Communities. Paper Bag Textures. Intentional Misalignment and Sloppy Boundaries. Judicious Color Usage. The Nomadic Navigation Bar. Sites Mentioned in This Chapter.

6. Mondrian Poster Style.

Vitra Design Museum and the Bauhaus Archive: Design Serving Design. 617: Fashion Jedi. American Institute of Graphic Arts: Design Serving Designers. Lundstrom Architecture: Built to Impress. Holistic Browser Window Design. The Frames Solution. The Full-Screen Flash Solution. The Fixed-Size Solution. The Pop-Up Window Solution. Navigation Integrated into Overall Page Design. Intentional Color Palette. Sites Mentioned in This Chapter.

7. Pixelated Punk Rock Style.

A Brief Orientation in Disorientation. Fake Malfunction. Rigged Navigation. Missing or Misleading Signposts. Perpetual Motion and Noise. Unorthodox Image Cropping, Enlargement, and Subject Matter. Rogue Multimedia. Full-Screen Control. onmouseover Functions. Big Old Ugly HTML Text. Sites Mentioned in This Chapter.

8. SuperTiny SimCity Style.

Kaliber 10000: God Is in the Details. flipflopflyin: It's the Idea That Counts. db-db: In a Station of the Metro. Will Work for Pixels. Tiny Pixelated People, Buildings, and Objects. Pixelated Fonts. Extreme Compartmentalization. Sites Mentioned in This Chapter.

9. HTMinimaLism.

Simple for Sale: 37signals. gettyone: Selling Made Simple. A List Apart: Better Reading Through CSS. endquote: Sometimes Nothing Is a Real Cool Hand. Jovino: Relatively Speaking. CSS Font Control. Color Schemes. An Inflatable Alphabet. Table-Formed Fonts. Sites Mentioned in This Chapter.

10. Drafting Table/Transformer Style.

Mike Young: The Ghost in the Machine. chapter3: A Darker Shade of Pale. Hyperprism and MTV2 UK: Spatial Navigation. Mercury Vehicles: Unbutton Your Soul. 3D Modeling Software. Tiny Illegible Type. Sites Mentioned in This Chapter.

11. 1950s Hello Kitty Style.

Amy Franceschini: Welcome to My Daydream. Post Tool: Exuberant Minimalism/ Minimalistic Exuberance. Avant Card and You Grow Girl: Commerce with an Impish Grin. Tiny 3D Bubble People/Large 3D Text. Rounded, Organic Borders. Pastel Palettes. '50s Fonts/'50s Art. Sites Mentioned in This Chapter.

12. Conclusion.

The Cake Decorators Have Become the Carpenters. It's the Experience, Stupid. The Web Is Like a Party.



- 哥特有機學派
- 線框圖標學派
- 低保真垃圾學派
- 紙袋學派
- 蒙德里安海報學派
- 像素朋克搖滾學派
- 1950年代Hello Kitty學派
- HTMinimaLism學派
- 草圖桌/說明書學派
- 超小型模擬城市學派


1. 簡介
2. 哥特有機風格
3. 基於網格的圖標風格
4. 低保真垃圾風格
5. 紙袋風格
6. 蒙德里安海報風格
7. 像素朋克搖滾風格
8. 超小型模擬城市風格