Fundamentals of Quantum Entanglement

Duarte, F. J.

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  • 出版日期: 2022-09-12
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Quantum Entanglement (QE) is one of the most mysterious and promising subjects of current physics. With applications in cryptographic space-to-space, space-to-earth, and fibre communications, in addition to teleportation and quantum computing, QE goes beyond fascination and into the pragmatic spheres of commerce and the military. This book is written by Professor Duarte, an expert in the field of quantum optics. He provides the first side-by-side description of the philosophical path and the physical path to quantum entanglement and does so in a clear and cohesive manner. This is also the first book to describe and explain, in a transparent exposition, the interferometric derivation, à la Dirac, of the ubiquitous probability amplitude for quantum entanglement.

The book includes 30 succinct, to the point, chapters and utilizes 10 useful appendices to further detail QE. This edition is a more informative, more insightful, and extended version of the First Edition with problems to improve its didactical usefulness. Current topics, such as quantum entropy and quantum time, are discussed throughout.

The book is highly useful for optical engineers working in the field of quantum entanglement and quantum communications as well as graduate students.

Key Features:

  • Provides an overview of quantum entanglement at a basic level
  • Explains the philosophical origin of quantum entanglement as well as the physical origin
  • Presents the key equation for the probability amplitude for QE from three perspectives while emphasizing its interferometric derivation
  • Includes applications on Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Teleportation, Quantum Computing
  • Reviews the current technology of QE with an emphasis in space-to-space communications


量子糾纏(Quantum Entanglement,簡稱QE)是當今物理學中最神秘且具有潛力的主題之一。QE不僅在密碼學的太空對太空、太空對地球和光纖通信等領域有應用,還可以實現遠距傳輸和量子計算,從而超越了迷人的理論領域,進入了商業和軍事的實用領域。本書由量子光學領域的專家杜阿爾特教授撰寫,他以清晰、連貫的方式首次並列描述了量子糾纏的哲學路徑和物理路徑。這也是第一本以透明的方式描述和解釋量子糾纏普遍概率幅的干涉推導(à la Dirac)的書籍。



- 提供了量子糾纏的基礎概述
- 解釋了量子糾纏的哲學起源和物理起源
- 從三個角度介紹了量子糾纏的概率幅關鍵方程,並強調了其干涉推導
- 包括量子密碼學、量子傳輸和量子計算等應用
- 重點回顧了太空對太空通信等QE的當前技術