Streaming Media Bible

Steve Mack

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  • 出版日期: 2002-05-20
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0764536508
  • ISBN-13: 9780764536502
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The Streaming Media Bible is the authoritative and comprehensive guide for producing professional-quality streaming media over the Internet. It provides an overview of what streaming media is, how it can be used and the tools and software programs available to consumers and businesses alike. It covers all aspects of streaming media, from the capturing, creation and optimization of source media files, to encoding and serving files over sites using the primary available technologies. Throughout the book, the streaming process is dissected and separated into its component pieces: original media creation, encoding, and serving. All three major streaming media systems (RealNetworks' RealSystem, Apple QuickTime and Microsoft Windows Media) are covered.
Includes a cross-platform CD-ROM with software and examples: RealPlayer, RealProducer, RealServerBasic
Windows Media Technologies, Windows Media Player 8, Windows Media On Demand Encoder, Apple QuickTime Player, QuickTime Encoder, SoundForge XP or CoolEdit, sample audio clips, sample video clips, video tutorials, and sample code libraries.

Table of Contents




Quick Start.

Part I: Streaming Media: An Introduction.

Chapter 1: What Is Streaming Media?

Chapter 2: Before You Stream: The Basics.

Chapter 3: Codecs - An Overview.

Part II: Creation: Working Within the Internet's Limitations.

Chapter 4: Internet Audio Basics.

Chapter 5: Internet Video Basics.

Chapter 6: Tools of the Trade.

Chapter 7: Recording and Editing Audio.

Chapter 8: Optimizing Your Audio Files.

Chapter 9: Capturing, Editing, and Rendering Video.

Chapter 10: Optimizing Your Video Files.

Chapter 11: Automation: The Power of Batch Processing.

Part III: Encoding: Reducing Media Files to a Stream-Friendly Size.

Chapter 12: Choosing the Right Encoding Settings.

Chapter 13: Basic Encoding Techniques.

Chapter 14: Working with Encoded Files.

Part IV: Authoring: Different Ways to Showcase Your Media.

Chapter 15: Authoring Basics.

Chapter 16: Embedding Your Presentation in a Web Page.

Chapter 17: Using JavaScript to Control Embedded Players.

Part V: Serving: Making Your Media Available on the Internet.

Chapter 18; Installing and Running a Streaming Server.

Chapter 19: Managing Your Media Assets.

Chapter 20: Using Server Log Files.

Chapter 21: Advertising.

Part VI: Other Data Types: It Is Not Just Audio and Video Anymore.

Chapter 22: Streaming Animation with Flash.

Chapter 23: Streaming Text with RealText.

Chapter 24: Streaming Images with RealPix.

Chapter 25: Other Data Types.

Part VII: SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language).

Chapter 26: SMIL - An Overview.

Chapter 27: SMIL Syntax.

Chapter 28: Laying Out Your Presentation Using SMIL.

Chapter 29: Synchronizing Your Streams in SMIL.

Chapter 30: Authoring Effective SMIL Files.

Chapter 31: Advanced SMIL Techniques.

Chapter 32: What's New in SMIL 2.0.

Part VIII: Broadcasting on the Internet.

Chapter 33: Planning for Live Broadcasts.

Chapter 34: Content Creation for Live Broadcasts.

Chapter 35: Encoding for Live Broadcasts.

Chapter 36: Authoring for Live Broadcasts.

Chapter 37: Serving Live Broadcasts.

Part IX: Case Studies.

Chapter 38: A Radio Station - KING FM.

Chapter 39: A Large-Scale Event - U2 Live from Notre Dame.

Part X: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Streaming Media File Sizes.

Appendix B: Recommended Target Bit Rates and Audio Settings.

Appendix C: A Simple Audio/Video Production Suite.

Appendix D: What's on the CD-ROM.

Appendix E: Glossary.

Bonus Chapters.

Bonus Chapter 1: SMIL 1.0 Tag Reference.

Bonus Chapter 2: RealText Tags and References.

Bonus Chapter 3: RealPix Reference.

Bonus Chapter 4: Embedded Player JavaScript Reference.

Bonus Chapter 5: Additional Resources.

Bonus Chapter 6: Contact Information for Contributors.